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Nipa Hanging BasketNipa Hanging Basket
Nipa Hanging Basket Sale priceFrom $30.00
Nigiri Scissors BlackNigiri Scissors Black
Nigiri Scissors Black Sale price$53.00
Gunma Short BroomGunma Short Broom
Gunma Short Broom Sale price$150.00
Sold outAizu Bamboo Single Handle BasketAizu Bamboo Single Handle Basket
Shuro Tawashi Bottle BrushShuro Tawashi Bottle Brush
Sold outAluminum Strong PinchesAluminum Strong Pinches
Aluminum Strong Pinches Sale price$14.00
Sold outCoco Floor MatCoco Floor Mat
Coco Floor Mat Sale priceFrom $39.00
Koryu Ikebana ScissorsKoryu Ikebana Scissors
Koryu Ikebana Scissors Sale price$115.00
Mutsume Bamboo BasketMutsume Bamboo Basket
Mutsume Bamboo Basket Sale priceFrom $30.00
Gesuzaru Bamboo BasketGesuzaru Bamboo Basket
Gesuzaru Bamboo Basket Sale priceFrom $265.00
Sold outCoco-Jute Entrance MatCoco-Jute Entrance Mat
Coco-Jute Entrance Mat Sale priceFrom $50.00
Akebi Pin CushionAkebi Pin Cushion
Akebi Pin Cushion Sale price$65.00
Shuro Tawashi BrushShuro Tawashi Brush
Shuro Tawashi Brush Sale priceFrom $10.00
Ikenobo Ikebana ScissorsIkenobo Ikebana Scissors
Ikenobo Ikebana Scissors Sale price$115.00
Sold outImono Casting BrushImono Casting Brush
Imono Casting Brush Sale priceFrom $20.00
Masashi Ifuji Oval Box – CherryMasashi Ifuji Oval Box – Cherry
Masashi Ifuji Oval Box – Cherry Sale priceFrom $85.00
Sold outMizaru Bamboo BasketMizaru Bamboo Basket
Mizaru Bamboo Basket Sale price$58.00
Sold outAluminum PinchesAluminum Pinches
Aluminum Pinches Sale price$16.00
Sold outYamabudou Grapevine Hanging BasketYamabudou Grapevine Hanging Basket
Harimi Black Washi Paper DustpanHarimi Black Washi Paper Dustpan
Harimi Black Washi Paper Dustpan Sale priceFrom $53.00
Shuro Handy Broom with Hinoki HandleShuro Handy Broom with Hinoki Handle
Sentei Gardening Secateurs – WideSentei Gardening Secateurs – Wide
Sentei Gardening Secateurs – SlimSentei Gardening Secateurs – Slim
Sentei Gardening Secateurs – StraightSentei Gardening Secateurs – Straight
Black Kenzan – RectangleBlack Kenzan – Rectangle
Black Kenzan – Rectangle Sale priceFrom $12.00
Black Kenzan – RoundBlack Kenzan – Round
Black Kenzan – Round Sale priceFrom $12.00
Brass Kenzan – RectangleBrass Kenzan – Rectangle
Brass Kenzan – Rectangle Sale priceFrom $10.00
Brass Kenzan – RoundBrass Kenzan – Round
Brass Kenzan – Round Sale priceFrom $8.00
Brass Kenzan – OugiBrass Kenzan – Ougi
Brass Kenzan – Ougi Sale price$28.00
Sold outBrass Kenzan – SuehiroBrass Kenzan – Suehiro
Brass Kenzan – Suehiro Sale price$27.00
Brass Kenzan – Sun and MoonBrass Kenzan – Sun and Moon
Brass Kenzan – Sun and Moon Sale priceFrom $25.00
Sold outSakura Kuzu BasketSakura Kuzu Basket
Sakura Kuzu Basket Sale price$395.00
Nigiri Scissors DanjuroNigiri Scissors Danjuro
Nigiri Scissors Danjuro Sale price$120.00
Japanese Short BroomJapanese Short Broom
Japanese Short Broom Sale price$114.00
Sold outAizu Oshin Bamboo BasketAizu Oshin Bamboo Basket
Aizu Oshin Bamboo Basket Sale price$229.00
Sold outOstrich Feather Duster – MiniOstrich Feather Duster – Mini
Sold outChawan Drying BasketChawan Drying Basket
Chawan Drying Basket Sale price$219.00
Edasukashi Bonsai ScissorsEdasukashi Bonsai Scissors
Edasukashi Bonsai Scissors Sale price$127.00
Masashi Ifuji Oval Box – Veg-Dyed BlackMasashi Ifuji Oval Box – Veg-Dyed Black
Sold outAkebi Single Handle BasketAkebi Single Handle Basket
Akebi Single Handle Basket Sale price$359.00
Sold outAkebi Small BasketAkebi Small Basket
Akebi Small Basket Sale price$345.00
Sold outShuro Tawashi Stick BrushShuro Tawashi Stick Brush
Shuro Tawashi Stick Brush Sale price$35.00
Sold outOstrich Feather Duster – MOstrich Feather Duster – M
Mago Hand BroomMago Hand Broom
Mago Hand Broom Sale priceFrom $42.00
Ostrich Feather Duster – LOstrich Feather Duster – L
Hinoki Clothes Rack – Short / NarrowHinoki Clothes Rack – Short / Narrow
Mini Sentei Gardening SecateursMini Sentei Gardening Secateurs
Antique Bamboo Basket – Dark BrownAntique Bamboo Basket – Dark Brown