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Pottle Enamel Kettle Pot – WhitePottle Enamel Kettle Pot – White
Azmaya round ceramic teapot with back handle in unglazed matte black, 255 ml or 8 ozHanding holding matte black ceramic teapot made in Japan
Lightweight 2L copper kettle made by Azmaya in JapanCopper kettle pouring tea into a teapot next to ceramic cups and copper tea canisters
Copper Kettle Sale price$486.00
Sori Yanagi Stainless KettleSori Yanagi Stainless Kettle
Amu Enamel Kettle – WhiteAmu Enamel Kettle – White
Amu Enamel Kettle – White Sale price$225.00
Sold outPottle Enamel Kettle Pot – BeigePottle Enamel Kettle Pot – Beige
 Azmaya copper tea canisters in three sizes: Small, Medium and LargeAzmaya copper tea canister filled with tea leaves next to a ceramic kettle and cups
Copper Tea Canister Sale priceFrom $145.00
Sold outKyu-su Teapot – KuroKyu-su Teapot – Kuro
Kyu-su Teapot – Kuro Sale priceFrom $110.00
Nambu Tekki Iron KettleNambu Tekki Iron Kettle
Nambu Tekki Iron Kettle Sale price$1,995.00
Sold outChaki Stainless Teapot Silver – SChaki Stainless Teapot Silver – S
Sold outChaki Stainless Teapot Silver – LChaki Stainless Teapot Silver – L
Chaki Stainless Teapot Black – SChaki Stainless Teapot Black – S
Sold outChaki Stainless Teapot Black – LChaki Stainless Teapot Black – L
Sold outAzmaya ceramic round teapot in unglazed matte black with side handle, 255 ml or 8 ozHand holding the side handle on Azmaya's round teapot in unglazed matte black
Sold outAzmaya ceramic oval teapot in unglazed matte black with side handleAzmaya ceramic oval black teapot pouring tea into ceramic cups with copper kettle in the background
Sold outAzmaya’s oval teapot in unglazed matte black ceramic with a round back handle, 300 mlAzmaya black tokoname ware oval teapot pouring tea into a ceramic cup with copper kettle in the background
Tin plated Azmaya tea canister with a copper base, in silver colorTin plated copper tea canister open showing the inner lid that protects the tea from moisture
Copper Tea Canister – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $148.00
Tin plated copper tea scoops in flat or pear shape made in JapanTin plated copper japanese tea scoop on top of a tin plated tea canister
Copper Tea Scoop – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $28.00
Sold outDaibo Stainless Coffee PotDaibo Stainless Coffee Pot
Daibo Stainless Coffee Pot Sale price$385.00
In-Store Pick Up Only Iga Dobin Teapot – KuroameIga Dobin Teapot – Kuroame
In-Store Pick Up Only Sold outIga Dobin Teapot – SekkaiIga Dobin Teapot – Sekkai
Iga Dobin Teapot – Sekkai Sale price$225.00
Sold outAntique Copper KettleAntique Copper Kettle
Antique Copper Kettle Sale price$345.00
Sold outTsubame Tsuiki Copper Coffee PotTsubame Tsuiki Copper Coffee Pot
Sold outTsubame Tsuiki Copper ServerTsubame Tsuiki Copper Server
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper Server Sale priceFrom $285.00
Kyu-su Teapot - ShiroKyu-su Teapot - Shiro
Kyu-su Teapot - Shiro Sale priceFrom $110.00