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Kishu Binchotan Charcoal TowelKishu Binchotan Charcoal Towel
Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Towel Sale priceFrom $20.00
Steno Paper RefillSteno Paper Refill
Steno Paper Refill Sale priceFrom $16.00
Kousaido Incense – Hasu LotusKousaido Incense – Hasu Lotus
Azmaya hinoki wood bath bowl with copper trimHands holding two Azmaya hinoki wood bath bowls with copper trim
Hinoki Bath Bowl Sale priceFrom $143.00
Handwoven Cotton Face Towel – WhiteHandwoven Cotton Face Towel – White
Sold outBody Brush with Hinoki HandleBody Brush with Hinoki Handle
Babaghuri natural soap made of lavender, patchouli, lemon oils, and ground basilBabaghuri natural soap made of lavender, patchouli, lemon oils, and ground basil
Natural Soap – Basil Sale price$17.00
Gekkoso 8B PencilGekkoso 8B Pencil
Gekkoso 8B Pencil Sale price$5.00
Hanging Incense Coil HolderHanging Incense Coil Holder
Brass BellBrass Bell
Brass Bell Sale priceFrom $4.00
Sumi Gauze & Pile Kimono RobeSumi Gauze & Pile Kimono Robe
Sold outKousaido Sense of Incense – HinokiKousaido Sense of Incense – Hinoki
Sold outNatural Soap – Myrtle & VetiverNatural Soap – Myrtle & Vetiver
Flower Print HandkerchiefFlower Print Handkerchief
Flower Print Handkerchief Sale price$53.00
Breakfast Book by Ai HosokawaBreakfast Book by Ai Hosokawa
il libro della Pasta by Ai Hosokawail libro della Pasta by Ai Hosokawa
Kyou no Okazu (Today’s Side Dishes) by Naomi TakayamaKyou no Okazu (Today’s Side Dishes) by Naomi Takayama
Made in Japan by Koichi UchidaMade in Japan by Koichi Uchida
Oishii Jikan (Delicious Time) by Midori TakahashiOishii Jikan (Delicious Time) by Midori Takahashi
Sold outHito to Ryouri (People and Cooking) by Wakana BabaHito to Ryouri (People and Cooking) by Wakana Baba
CDT Brush Sign PenCDT Brush Sign Pen
CDT Brush Sign Pen Sale price$4.00
CDT Brush Pen Box SetCDT Brush Pen Box Set
CDT Brush Pen Box Set Sale priceFrom $5.00
Tradio Plastic Fountain PenTradio Plastic Fountain Pen
Tradio Plastic Fountain Pen Sale priceFrom $4.00
Multifunctional PenMultifunctional Pen
Multifunctional Pen Sale priceFrom $3.00
Sold outMechanical PencilMechanical Pencil
Mechanical Pencil Sale price$33.00
Memo Roll – ClearMemo Roll – Clear
Memo Roll – Clear Sale price$10.00
Memo Roll RefillMemo Roll Refill
Memo Roll Refill Sale price$5.00
Pentel Classic Sign PenPentel Classic Sign Pen
Pentel Classic Sign Pen Sale price$3.00
Adhesive Notes – White 3mm GraphAdhesive Notes – White 3mm Graph
Hinoki Soap DishHinoki Soap Dish
Hinoki Soap Dish Sale price$30.00
Iron Candle StandIron Candle Stand
Iron Candle Stand Sale priceFrom $53.00
Sold outRippoh Candle Stand – BeigeRippoh Candle Stand – Beige
Rippoh Candle Stand – BlackRippoh Candle Stand – Black
En Ceramic Candle HolderEn Ceramic Candle Holder
En Ceramic Candle Holder Sale price$27.00
Sold outTenugui – Vegetables and FruitsTenugui – Vegetables and Fruits
Tenugui – Katsuojima IndigoTenugui – Katsuojima Indigo
Tenugui – Solid ColoursTenugui – Solid Colours
Tenugui – Solid Colours Sale price$16.00
Sold outTenugui – Moon PhaseTenugui – Moon Phase
Tenugui – Moon Phase Sale price$20.00
Hinoki Bath StoolHinoki bath stool handcrafted in Japan using sustainable Japanese cypress wood
Hinoki Bath Stool Sale priceFrom $247.00
Japanese hinoki wood bath bucket with handle and copper trimHands holding a hinoki wood bath bucket with a handle and copper trim
Hinoki Bath Pail Sale price$162.00
Three Azmaya azabu linen hand towels made in JapanTwo Azmaya white azabu linen kitchen cloths, one wth a red stripe, one with a beige stripe
Azabu Linen Hand Towel Sale priceFrom $39.00
White Azmaya cleaning cloth made of japanese kaya mosquito netsWhite Azmaya cleaning cloth made of japanese kaya mosquito nets hanging to dry
Kaya Cleaning Cloths Sale price$27.00
Yumiko Iihoshi Soap DishYumiko Iihoshi Soap Dish
Yumiko Iihoshi Soap Dish Sale price$30.00
Gauze & Pile Towel – WhiteGauze & Pile Towel – White
Gauze & Pile Towel – White Sale priceFrom $20.00
Gauze & Pile Towel – GreyGauze & Pile Towel – Grey
Gauze & Pile Towel – Grey Sale priceFrom $20.00
Zero Twist Gauze Dot Towel – WhiteZero Twist Gauze Dot Towel – White
Zero Twist Gauze Dot Towel – GreyZero Twist Gauze Dot Towel – Grey
Zen Charcoal Gauze & Pile Towel – GreyZen Charcoal Gauze & Pile Towel – Grey