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Six small iga ware bowls with a hexagon base, each with different glazeIga Small Bowl with Hexagon Base
Iga Round Plate – SekkaiIga Round Plate – Sekkai
Iga Round Plate – Sekkai Sale priceFrom $76.00
Iga Teacup – ShinoIga Teacup – Shino
Iga Teacup – Shino Sale priceFrom $45.00
Iga Teacup – SekkaiIga Teacup – Sekkai
Iga Teacup – Sekkai Sale priceFrom $45.00
Iga Teacup – KuroameIga Teacup – Kuroame
Iga Teacup – Kuroame Sale priceFrom $45.00
Iga Rice Bowl – ShinoIga Rice Bowl – Shino
Iga Rice Bowl – Shino Sale price$45.00
Iga Rice Bowl – KuroameIga Rice Bowl – Kuroame
Iga Rice Bowl – Kuroame Sale price$45.00
Iga Donabe Rice PotIga Donabe Rice Pot
Iga Donabe Rice Pot Sale priceFrom $198.00
Azmaya's Iga yukihira pot in kuroame glazeAzmaya's iga yukihira pot in kuroame glaze, handmade in Japan
Iga Yukihira Pot – Kuroame Sale priceFrom $146.00
Azmaya's iga yukihira pot in sekkai glaze, handmade in JapanAn 18cm and 15cm Azmaya iga yukihira pot in sekkai glaze
Iga Yukihira Pot – Sekkai Sale priceFrom $146.00
Two iga suribachi mortars, made in Japan using iga ware pottery techniquesIga suribachi mortar in black glaze, using iga-ware pottery techniques
Iga Suribachi Mortar Sale priceFrom $69.00
Azmaya large serving bowl in white sekkai glaze, handmade using traditional iga ware pottery techniquesIga Serving Bowl – Sekkai
Iga Serving Bowl – Sekkai Sale price$161.00
Sold outAzmaya iga ware ceramic large serving bowl in a black kuroame glazeIga Serving Bowl – Kuroame
Azmaya iga ware pottery plates in white shino glazeAzmaya iga ware plates in three sizes in a white shino glaze
Iga Round Plate – Shino Sale priceFrom $76.00
Sold outIga ware round ceramic plate in Kuroame black glazeTwo Azmaya Iga ware black ceramic plates in Kuroame glaze
Iga Round Plate – Kuroame Sale priceFrom $76.00