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Sold outAzmaya miyajima rice scoop in cherry woodMiyajima Rice Scoop
Miyajima Rice Scoop Sale price$50.00
Azmaya sansho wood pestle finished to show the natural rough texture and character of Sansho treesAzmaya sansho wood pestle with black iga ware mortar
Sansho Wood Pestle Sale priceFrom $35.00
Sori Yanagi Stainless Tongs – PerforatedSori Yanagi Stainless Tongs – Perforated
Yakumiyose Bamboo ScraperYakumiyose Bamboo Scraper
Yakumiyose Bamboo Scraper Sale price$16.00
Triangular Wooden SpatulaTriangular Wooden Spatula
Triangular Wooden Spatula Sale priceFrom $16.00
Sori Yanagi Stainless Fork LadleSori Yanagi Stainless Fork Ladle
Azmaya stainless steel cheese knife with a brass handle, made in JapanAzmaya stainless steel cheese knife with a brass handle sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Cheese Knife Sale price$89.00
Azmaya butter knife in stainless steel with a brass handle made in JapanAzmaya stainless steel butter knife with brass handle leaning against a cherry wood butter case
Butter Knife Sale price$69.00
Tin plated copper tea scoops in flat or pear shape made in JapanTin plated copper japanese tea scoop on top of a tin plated tea canister
Copper Tea Scoop – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $22.00
Azmaya copper tea scoops in flat and pear shapeAzmaya copper tea scoop on top of a copper tea canister
Copper Tea Scoop Sale priceFrom $20.00
Sori Yanagi Stainless Ladle – MSori Yanagi Stainless Ladle – M
Sori Yanagi Stainless Ladle – SSori Yanagi Stainless Ladle – S
Sold outSori Yanagi Stainless Butter BeaterSori Yanagi Stainless Butter Beater
Sori Yanagi Stainless Turner – SSori Yanagi Stainless Turner – S
Sori Yanagi Stainless Skimmer – SSori Yanagi Stainless Skimmer – S
Sori Yanagi Stainless Large Serving SpoonSori Yanagi Stainless Large Serving Spoon
Sold outSizzler Bottle Cap & OpenerSizzler Bottle Cap & Opener
Sold outOroshigane Copper Grater – Fugu FishOroshigane Copper Grater – Fugu Fish
Alps Santoku Can/Bottle OpenerAlps Santoku Can/Bottle Opener
Alps Santoku Seven Can/Bottle/Wine OpenerAlps Santoku Seven Can/Bottle/Wine Opener
Oroshigane Copper Grater – CraneOroshigane Copper Grater – Crane
Zetto Can/Bottle OpenerZetto Can/Bottle Opener
Zetto Can/Bottle Opener Sale price$8.00
Oroshigane Copper Grater – TurtleOroshigane Copper Grater – Turtle
Sold outBlack Vegetable PeelerBlack Vegetable Peeler
Black Vegetable Peeler Sale price$35.00
Black Rotary Can OpenerBlack Rotary Can Opener
Black Rotary Can Opener Sale price$42.00
Finest Oroshigane Grater BoxFinest Oroshigane Grater Box
Black Bottle OpenerBlack Bottle Opener
Black Bottle Opener Sale price$22.00
Irogami Piece of GraterIrogami Piece of Grater
Irogami Piece of Grater Sale price$27.00
Black Vegetable ShredderBlack Vegetable Shredder
Black Vegetable Shredder Sale price$42.00
Sold outBlack Vegetable SlicerBlack Vegetable Slicer
Black Vegetable Slicer Sale price$39.00
GOLD Can Opener - RedGOLD Can Opener - Red
GOLD Can Opener - Red Sale price$14.00
Futaake Soft Cap OpenerFutaake Soft Cap Opener
Futaake Soft Cap Opener Sale price$12.00
Oil Basting Brush SetOil Basting Brush Set
Oil Basting Brush Set Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sliding Stick Oil Basting BrushSliding Stick Oil Basting Brush
Sliding Stick Oil Basting Brush Sale priceFrom $8.00
Shizuku Stainless Measuring CupShizuku Stainless Measuring Cup
Shizuku Stainless Measuring Cup Sale priceFrom $25.00
Pure Copper Grater BowlPure Copper Grater Bowl
Pure Copper Grater Bowl Sale priceFrom $127.00
Sold outCopper Measuring SpoonCopper Measuring Spoon
Copper Measuring Spoon Sale price$142.00
Dark Copper Tea ScoopDark Copper Tea Scoop
Dark Copper Tea Scoop Sale price$66.00
Sold outOroshigane Copper Grater – RadishOroshigane Copper Grater – Radish
Sold outOroshigane Copper Grater – MiniOroshigane Copper Grater – Mini
Sold outRetro Bottle Opener & CapRetro Bottle Opener & Cap
Yattoko Pot PincersYattoko Pot Pincers
Yattoko Pot Pincers Sale price$45.00
Otegaru Pickle TongsOtegaru Pickle Tongs
Otegaru Pickle Tongs Sale price$28.00
Yakusaji Measuring SpoonYakusaji Measuring Spoon
Yakusaji Measuring Spoon Sale priceFrom $28.00
Kyoto Moritsuke Serving ChopsticksKyoto Moritsuke Serving Chopsticks