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Toyama Hamono 外山刃物

Toyama Hamono 外山刃物

Niigata, Japan, Since 1861

Toyama Hamono is a traditional shears manufacturer based in the town of Sanjo located in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Sanjo is a town famous for the craft of blacksmithery. The founding of Toyama Hamono dates back to the Bunkyu period of the Edo era (1861-1864), their techniques have been passed down through five generations in Sanjo. Their methods are based on the manufacturing techniques of Japanese swords (katana) and have been hand-crafting traditional secateurs and shears for almost 160 years.

Toyama Hamono continues to offer high quality and trusted products, which can last a lifetime, while maintaining a respectful reputation throughout Japan and the world for producing excellence in gardening shears and secateurs.

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