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Six small iga ware bowls with a hexagon base, each with different glazeIga Small Bowl with Hexagon Base
Sold outIga Teacup – KuroameIga Teacup – Kuroame
Iga Teacup – Kuroame Sale priceFrom $58.00
Sold outIga Teacup – SekkaiIga Teacup – Sekkai
Iga Teacup – Sekkai Sale priceFrom $58.00
Iga Teacup – ShinoIga Teacup – Shino
Iga Teacup – Shino Sale priceFrom $58.00
Iga Round Plate – SekkaiIga Round Plate – Sekkai
Iga Round Plate – Sekkai Sale priceFrom $98.00
Sold outAzmaya iga ware pottery plates in white shino glazeAzmaya iga ware plates in three sizes in a white shino glaze
Iga Round Plate – Shino Sale priceFrom $98.00
Two iga suribachi mortars, made in Japan using iga ware pottery techniquesIga suribachi mortar in black glaze, using iga-ware pottery techniques
Iga Suribachi Mortar Sale priceFrom $89.00
Azmaya sansho wood pestle finished to show the natural rough texture and character of Sansho treesAzmaya sansho wood pestle with black iga ware mortar
Sansho Wood Pestle Sale priceFrom $45.00
Sold outAzmaya's Iga yukihira pot in kuroame glazeAzmaya's iga yukihira pot in kuroame glaze, handmade in Japan
Iga Yukihira Pot – Kuroame Sale priceFrom $190.00
Sold outAzmaya's iga yukihira pot in sekkai glaze, handmade in JapanAn 18cm and 15cm Azmaya iga yukihira pot in sekkai glaze
Iga Yukihira Pot – Sekkai Sale priceFrom $190.00
Sold outAzmaya kiri wood rice storage box with rice scoopAzmaya kiri wood rice storage box with sliding wood opening
Rice Storage Box Sale priceFrom $215.00
Three different size kiso sawara ohitsu rice chests made of Japanese cypress and copper trimHands holding a kiso sawara ohitsu rice chest with serving spoon
Kiso Sawara Ohitsu Rice Chest Sale priceFrom $220.00
Sold outAzmaya kiso sawara sushi rice mixing bowl in three sizes: 2 go, 3 go, and 5 goHands holding a large Azmaya kiso sawara sushi rice mixing bowl
Kiso Sawara Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl Sale priceFrom $218.00
Azmaya miyajima rice scoop in cherry woodMiyajima Rice Scoop
Miyajima Rice Scoop Sale price$58.00
Lightweight 2L copper kettle made by Azmaya in JapanCopper kettle pouring tea into a teapot next to ceramic cups and copper tea canisters
Copper Kettle Sale price$486.00
 Azmaya copper tea canisters in three sizes: Small, Medium and LargeAzmaya copper tea canister filled with tea leaves next to a ceramic kettle and cups
Copper Tea Canister Sale priceFrom $145.00
Tin plated Azmaya tea canister with a copper base, in silver colorTin plated copper tea canister open showing the inner lid that protects the tea from moisture
Copper Tea Canister – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $148.00
Tin plated copper tea scoops in flat or pear shape made in JapanTin plated copper japanese tea scoop on top of a tin plated tea canister
Copper Tea Scoop – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $28.00
Azmaya stainless steel cheese knife with a brass handle, made in JapanAzmaya stainless steel cheese knife with a brass handle sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Cheese Knife Sale price$115.00
Azmaya butter knife in stainless steel with a brass handle made in JapanAzmaya stainless steel butter knife with brass handle leaning against a cherry wood butter case
Butter Knife Sale price$89.00
Azmaya cherry wood butter case in two sizes, half and fullAzmaya cherry wood butter case next to a stainless steel brass handle butter knife, on top of a linen cloth and serving tray
Cherry Wood Butter Case Sale priceFrom $115.00
Five small Azmaya porcelain dishes in sekkai glaze shaped in traditional Japanese motifs like peach, fan, sunflower, quince, and bottle gourdThree small Azmaya porcelain dishes holding beans, salt and dried flowers
Bean Dish – Sekkai Sale price$24.00
Azmaya small blue porcelain dishes in various shapes and patterns used for serving small things, soy sauce, spices or garnishesBean Dish – Blue
Bean Dish – Blue Sale price$24.00
Small Azmaya brass forks made in JapanSmall Azmaya brass fork holding a piece of Japanese mochi dessert
Hime Forks – Brass Sale price$110.00
Sold outAzmaya ceramic oval teapot in unglazed matte black with side handleAzmaya ceramic oval black teapot pouring tea into ceramic cups with copper kettle in the background
Sold outAzmaya’s oval teapot in unglazed matte black ceramic with a round back handle, 300 mlAzmaya black tokoname ware oval teapot pouring tea into a ceramic cup with copper kettle in the background
Sold outAzmaya ceramic round teapot in unglazed matte black with side handle, 255 ml or 8 ozHand holding the side handle on Azmaya's round teapot in unglazed matte black
Azmaya round ceramic teapot with back handle in unglazed matte black, 255 ml or 8 ozHanding holding matte black ceramic teapot made in Japan
Azmaya tea server in white porcelain and three sizes: small, medium and largeChakai Porcelain Pitcher
Chakai Porcelain Pitcher Sale priceFrom $45.00
Soy Sauce PotAzmaya white porcelain soy sauce pot made in Japan
Soy Sauce Pot Sale priceFrom $45.00
Sold outAzmaya ceramic citrus juicer in white porcelainLemons being squeezed with an Azmaya white porcelain citrus juicer
Ceramic Citrus Juicer Sale price$65.00
Sold outAzmaya large porcelain citrus juicer designed for oranges and grapefruitsAzmaya large porcelain citrus juicer with spout and removable lid designed for oranges and grapefruits
Azmaya handblown Stem Glass made in JapanAzmaya handblown Stem Glass producing a long decorative shadow
Handblown Stem Glass Sale price$160.00
Azmaya handmade wine glass by studio Fresco in JapanAzmaya handblown wine glass made in Japan by Studio Fresco
Handblown Wine Glass Sale price$228.00
Cast Iron Incense Coil BurnerCast Iron Incense Coil Burner
Sold outThree Azmaya azabu linen hand towels made in JapanTwo Azmaya white azabu linen kitchen cloths, one wth a red stripe, one with a beige stripe
Azabu Linen Hand Towel Sale priceFrom $50.00
Sold outWhite Azmaya cleaning cloth made of japanese kaya mosquito netsWhite Azmaya cleaning cloth made of japanese kaya mosquito nets hanging to dry
Kaya Cleaning Cloths Sale price$35.00
Sold outKumidashi TeacupKumidashi Teacup
Kumidashi Teacup Sale price$28.00
Chataku Copper SaucerChataku Copper Saucer
Chataku Copper Saucer Sale price$196.00
Hinoki Bath StoolHinoki bath stool handcrafted in Japan using sustainable Japanese cypress wood
Hinoki Bath Stool Sale priceFrom $320.00
Azmaya hinoki wood bath bowl with copper trimHands holding two Azmaya hinoki wood bath bowls with copper trim
Hinoki Bath Bowl Sale priceFrom $168.00 Regular price$210.00
Sold outJapanese hinoki wood bath bucket with handle and copper trimHands holding a hinoki wood bath bucket with a handle and copper trim
Hinoki Bath Pail Sale price$210.00
Sold outHinoki Tissue BoxHinoki Tissue Box
Hinoki Tissue Box Sale price$148.00
Hinoki Clothes Rack – Short / NarrowHinoki Clothes Rack – Short / Narrow
In-Store Pick Up Only Sold outIga Dobin Teapot – SekkaiIga Dobin Teapot – Sekkai
Iga Dobin Teapot – Sekkai Sale price$225.00
In-Store Pick Up Only Iga Dobin Teapot – KuroameIga Dobin Teapot – Kuroame
In-Store Pick Up Only Sold outIga Donabe Rice PotIga Donabe Rice Pot
Iga Donabe Rice Pot Sale priceFrom $258.00
Sold outDaibo Stainless Coffee PotDaibo Stainless Coffee Pot
Daibo Stainless Coffee Pot Sale price$385.00