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Brooms & Brushes

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Imono Casting BrushImono Casting Brush
Imono Casting Brush Sale priceFrom $25.00
Shuro Tawashi BrushShuro Tawashi Brush
Shuro Tawashi Brush Sale priceFrom $13.00
Harimi Black Washi Paper DustpanHarimi Black Washi Paper Dustpan
Harimi Black Washi Paper Dustpan Sale priceFrom $68.00
Sold outShuro Tawashi Bottle BrushShuro Tawashi Bottle Brush
Shuro Tawashi Stick BrushShuro Tawashi Stick Brush
Shuro Tawashi Stick Brush Sale price$45.00
Japanese Short BroomJapanese Short Broom
Japanese Short Broom Sale price$148.00
Ostrich Feather Duster – MiniOstrich Feather Duster – Mini
Gunma Short BroomGunma Short Broom
Gunma Short Broom Sale price$175.00
Shuro Handy Broom with Hinoki HandleShuro Handy Broom with Hinoki Handle
Ostrich Feather Duster – MOstrich Feather Duster – M
Ostrich Feather Duster – LOstrich Feather Duster – L
Mago Hand BroomMago Hand Broom
Mago Hand Broom Sale priceFrom $54.00