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Since 1863, Nara, Japan

Founded in 1863 in Japan, Okaimafu is the originator of “Nara zarashi” linen textile, which is a high quality fabric that can be pleasantly used in our daily life. In the city of Nara during the Edo period, fabricating this cloth was the main source of industry, with about 90% of Nara city residents involved in some way. However, after the Meiji Restoration, demand for this material dropped, forcing many traditional Nara zarashi makers to change or close their businesses. Okaimafu has remained until today, now producing Nara zarashi linen only on a small scale by traditional craftsmen. They have lasted this long on the belief in the goodness of their linen fabrics and the desire for people to experience it in their daily life at home or work.

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Linen Kitchen ClothLinen Kitchen Cloth
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Ancient Linen TenuguiAncient Linen Tenugui
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Handwoven Linen HandkerchiefHandwoven Linen Handkerchief