Okazu to Gohan (Side Dish and Rice)


141 pages


Written in Japanese.


Published: 2007.11

Author: Naomi Takayama

Publisher: Anonima Studio


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Okazu to Gohan (Side Dishes and Rice) おかずとご飯の本

Including 92 carefully selected recipes for side and rice dishes that Naomi Takayama herself often makes, this book has become a reliable companion to Takayama’s other popular recipe book, Vegetable News. With recipes for staples such as gyudon and curry and rice, you will be tempted to make these dishes every day, with each one making you hungry for more!


Comes with a transparent cover (made of non-PVC) convenient for use in the kitchen. (Written In Japanese only.)


About author: Naomi Takayama

Born in Shizuoka in 1958, Naomi Takayama has enjoyed a long career as a chef. She appreciates simple and powerful dishes that open up the five senses through smells, tastes, textures, colours and sounds. Her dishes interact with the ingredients in ways that serve to remind us of the enjoyment to be found from cooking and, of course, eating.



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