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Yakumiyose Bamboo Scraper



Bamboo, Silk Kumihimo Thread

Made in Japan


L8 x W3 x H1cm (L3.14” x W1.18” x H0.39”)


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Yakumiyose (薬味寄せ), meaning “condiment gathering”, this compact bamboo scraper is the perfect tool for scraping grated wasabi and ginger on a grater, or sesame seeds in a mortar. Although it is only about 8cm long, its thin tip holds flexibility and strength, and fits into the fine gaps on the surface and scrapes the food remains without waste effortlessly.

The natural bamboo won’t damage metal or delicate ceramic surfaces, making it an ideal assistant for many of our favourite daily kitchen and dining tools. 


Only using the natural material, bamboo, it is made from the same bamboo that are used for producing chasen (茶筅, Japanese tea whisks). Chasen is made by breaking hard bamboo and finishing it into a delicate tip like a chrysanthemum flower through a delicate process. If even one of the tips breaks, it becomes a lost product during manufacturing. This scraper is made with those materials from the chasen that were not made into the final production.

Since it is a product made from natural bamboo, it will return to the soil one day when it is buried.


*Due to the handcrafted production and natural materials, the colour or shape may differ from each piece.


Since 1792

Tokyo, Japan

* * *

Kiya is a company that manufactures hardware such as knives and cutlery in Nihonbashi Muromachi, Tokyo. A long-established store founded in the middle of the Edo period, it is known as “Kiya of cutlery”. Known for their professional kitchen knives, they also handle general hardware such as cutlery, pots & pans, and various scissors for gardening.

The first Kiya store opened in 1573 by an original founder Kyube Hayashi, who served to Toyotomi family as a tradesman of medicine materials in Osaka. Then Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa invited his brother to Edo, and he opened a store in Honcho (Tokyo). The brother’s store was separated from the Osaka one, so he separated a Chinese character of his family name(Hayashi, 林) into two parts(Ki, 木 and 木), then he named his store Kiya (木屋).

This store traded in fancy goods, Japanese ware and candles, and remained open for centuries. Then in 1792, after working his way up through the company, Iisuke Kato received permission to establish a new store with the same name, “Kiya”, with both stores operating next to each other. The new Kiya store traded in cutlery and other merchandise not being sold at the original store and continues to do so to this day. 

In the great picture scroll Kidaisyoran (1805), you can see the Kiya stores as they were at that time, with their original trademark symbol printed on the shop curtain. This trademark is the same one which is still used today, over two hundred years later.


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