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Since 1987, Tokyo, Japan

KAMAWANU opened its first store in 1987 in a quiet Tokyo alleyway, and today has stores all across Japan with over 250 varieties of tenugui in stock at any given time. They believe in an ideology of revisiting the old to learn the new and have embraced the wisdom of the “Tenugui”, a versatile traditional cloth designed to be used for many years and for many different purposes.

They use a mix of traditional and original patterns featuring seasonal motifs taken from nature. Each traditional motif has a meaning or a reflection of people’s wishes: for example, the hemp leaf pattern reflects a wish for a child to grow healthy, whereas the Seigaiha (wave crest) pattern reflects a desire for tranquility. KAMAWANU also designs fresh patterns in the hopes that they will form a new tradition and be cherished for the next 100 years.


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