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Copperware 銅器

Copper has high antibacterial & antimicrobial properties making it a suitable material for teaware and many other cookware such as pots and kettles. When copper products are intentionally left uncoated, they are open to copper’s natural chemical oxidation. The finish & colour will transform over time to a stunningly deep rust-like patina, a process accelerated by extended handling and use.

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Azmaya copper tea scoops in flat and pear shapeAzmaya copper tea scoop on top of a copper tea canister
Copper Tea Scoop Sale priceFrom $20.00
Sold outOroshigane Copper Grater – Fugu FishOroshigane Copper Grater – Fugu Fish
Guinomi Copper Sake Cup – DotGuinomi Copper Sake Cup – Dot
Guinomi Copper Sake Cup – Dark SilverGuinomi Copper Sake Cup – Dark Silver
Guinomi Copper Sake Cup –  BlueGuinomi Copper Sake Cup –  Blue
Copper Flower Ball - Dark SilverCopper Flower Ball - Dark Silver
Copper Flower Ball - BlueCopper Flower Ball - Blue
Copper Flower Ball - Blue Sale price$459.00
Copper Flower Ball - GoldCopper Flower Ball - Gold
Copper Flower Ball - Gold Sale price$459.00
Dark Copper Tea ScoopDark Copper Tea Scoop
Dark Copper Tea Scoop Sale price$66.00
Dark Copper Tea CanisterDark Copper Tea Canister
Dark Copper Tea Canister Sale price$556.00
Dark Copper Tea PotDark Copper Tea Pot
Dark Copper Tea Pot Sale price$905.00
Sold outCopper Measuring SpoonCopper Measuring Spoon
Copper Measuring Spoon Sale price$142.00
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper ServerTsubame Tsuiki Copper Server
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper Server Sale priceFrom $219.00
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper Coffee PotTsubame Tsuiki Copper Coffee Pot
Pure Copper Grater BowlPure Copper Grater Bowl
Pure Copper Grater Bowl Sale priceFrom $127.00
Chataku Copper SaucerChataku Copper Saucer
Chataku Copper Saucer Sale price$151.00
Three different size kiso sawara ohitsu rice chests made of Japanese cypress and copper trimHands holding a kiso sawara ohitsu rice chest with serving spoon
Kiso Sawara Ohitsu Rice Chest Sale priceFrom $169.00
Sold outAzmaya kiso sawara sushi rice mixing bowl in three sizes: 2 go, 3 go, and 5 goHands holding a large Azmaya kiso sawara sushi rice mixing bowl
Kiso Sawara Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl Sale priceFrom $168.00
Lightweight 2L copper kettle made by Azmaya in JapanCopper kettle pouring tea into a teapot next to ceramic cups and copper tea canisters
Copper Kettle Sale price$373.00
 Azmaya copper tea canisters in three sizes: Small, Medium and LargeAzmaya copper tea canister filled with tea leaves next to a ceramic kettle and cups
Copper Tea Canister Sale priceFrom $112.00
Tin plated Azmaya tea canister with a copper base, in silver colorTin plated copper tea canister open showing the inner lid that protects the tea from moisture
Copper Tea Canister – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $114.00
Tin plated copper tea scoops in flat or pear shape made in JapanTin plated copper japanese tea scoop on top of a tin plated tea canister
Copper Tea Scoop – Tin Plated Sale priceFrom $22.00
Kuromoji Meshibe StickKuromoji Meshibe Stick
Kuromoji Meshibe Stick Sale priceFrom $12.00
Copper Tamago Frying Pan – SquareCopper Tamago Frying Pan – Square
Oroshigane Copper Grater – CraneOroshigane Copper Grater – Crane
Oroshigane Copper Grater – TurtleOroshigane Copper Grater – Turtle
Copper Yukihira PotCopper Yukihira Pot
Copper Yukihira Pot Sale priceFrom $290.00
Copper Tamago Pan – RectangleCopper Tamago Pan – Rectangle
Copper Tamago Pan – Rectangle Sale priceFrom $137.00
Sold outOroshigane Copper Grater – RadishOroshigane Copper Grater – Radish
Sold outOroshigane Copper Grater – MiniOroshigane Copper Grater – Mini