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Photo Collage of oceans views on Bowen Island and drawing with sketchbooks and colored pencils

“A sense of colour is a lifetime treasure.”

Diary, photographs or drawings, etc.

How do you keep your memory of the seasonal journey?

Gekkoso sketchbooks and stationery are our favorite tools to always take notes and enjoy drawing.

Gekkoso sketchbook with drawing of a tree next to colored drawing pencils

Drawing in a sketchbook facing the ocean on Bowen Island, BC

Making a rubbing of textures on the ground wth a Gekkoso pencil lead

Drawing in a sketchbook next to the ocean on Bowen Island, BC

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ITSUMO Pop-Up Shop – Summer 2018

ITSUMO Pop-Up Shop – Summer 2018

ITSUMO seasonal pop-up shop is back! Open from August 15th Wednesday until September 3rd Monday. Our product range focuses on tableware, housewares, textiles and kitchen tools, all born from tradi...

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Thank You – Summer Pop-Up Shop

Thank You – Summer Pop-Up Shop

It was great to be back again in the beautiful neighborhood of Strathcona this Summer. Thank you so much for stopping by, sharing your stories, and smiles.

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