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Irogami Piece of GraterIrogami Piece of Grater
Irogami Piece of Grater Sale price$27.00
Zetto Can/Bottle OpenerZetto Can/Bottle Opener
Zetto Can/Bottle Opener Sale price$8.00
Yakusaji Measuring SpoonYakusaji Measuring Spoon
Yakusaji Measuring Spoon Sale priceFrom $28.00
Futaake Soft Cap OpenerFutaake Soft Cap Opener
Futaake Soft Cap Opener Sale price$12.00
GOLD Can Opener - RedGOLD Can Opener - Red
GOLD Can Opener - Red Sale price$14.00
Sentei Gardening Secateurs – WideSentei Gardening Secateurs – Wide
Alps Santoku Seven Can/Bottle/Wine OpenerAlps Santoku Seven Can/Bottle/Wine Opener
Alps Santoku Can/Bottle OpenerAlps Santoku Can/Bottle Opener
Pure Copper Grater BowlPure Copper Grater Bowl
Pure Copper Grater Bowl Sale priceFrom $127.00
Black Bottle OpenerBlack Bottle Opener
Black Bottle Opener Sale price$22.00
Sold outBlack Vegetable PeelerBlack Vegetable Peeler
Black Vegetable Peeler Sale price$35.00
Black Rotary Can OpenerBlack Rotary Can Opener
Black Rotary Can Opener Sale price$42.00
Daibo Stainless Coffee PotDaibo Stainless Coffee Pot
Daibo Stainless Coffee Pot Sale price$296.00
Black Vegetable ShredderBlack Vegetable Shredder
Black Vegetable Shredder Sale price$42.00
Sold outBlack Vegetable SlicerBlack Vegetable Slicer
Black Vegetable Slicer Sale price$39.00
Finest Oroshigane Grater BoxFinest Oroshigane Grater Box
Uchi-Tebo Ramen StrainerUchi-Tebo Ramen Strainer
Uchi-Tebo Ramen Strainer Sale price$27.00
Mesh Boiling BasketMesh Boiling Basket
Mesh Boiling Basket Sale priceFrom $22.00
Mesh Boiling Basket PROMesh Boiling Basket PRO
Mesh Boiling Basket PRO Sale price$42.00
Makanai Stainless BowlMakanai Stainless Bowl
Makanai Stainless Bowl Sale priceFrom $45.00
Makanai Stainless Round PlateMakanai Stainless Round Plate
Makanai Stainless Round Plate Sale priceFrom $31.00
Makanai Stainless Flat StrainerMakanai Stainless Flat Strainer
Makanai Stainless Flat Strainer Sale priceFrom $35.00
Koshimasu Oil PotKoshimasu Oil Pot
Koshimasu Oil Pot Sale price$96.00
Otegaru Pickle TongsOtegaru Pickle Tongs
Otegaru Pickle Tongs Sale price$28.00
Sliding Stick Oil Basting BrushSliding Stick Oil Basting Brush
Sliding Stick Oil Basting Brush Sale priceFrom $8.00
Lucky Stainless Egg SlicerLucky Stainless Egg Slicer
Bird Lemon SqueezerBird Lemon Squeezer
Bird Lemon Squeezer Sale price$19.00
Chaki Stainless Teapot Silver – SChaki Stainless Teapot Silver – S
Chaki Stainless Teapot Black – SChaki Stainless Teapot Black – S
Chaki Stainless Teapot Silver – LChaki Stainless Teapot Silver – L
Chaki Stainless Teapot Black – LChaki Stainless Teapot Black – L
Oil Basting Brush SetOil Basting Brush Set
Oil Basting Brush Set Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sold outStainless Oil Server PotStainless Oil Server Pot
Stainless Oil Server Pot Sale price$50.00
Copper Flower Ball - GoldCopper Flower Ball - Gold
Copper Flower Ball - Gold Sale price$459.00
Copper Flower Ball - BlueCopper Flower Ball - Blue
Copper Flower Ball - Blue Sale price$459.00
Copper Flower Ball - Dark SilverCopper Flower Ball - Dark Silver
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper Coffee PotTsubame Tsuiki Copper Coffee Pot
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper ServerTsubame Tsuiki Copper Server
Tsubame Tsuiki Copper Server Sale priceFrom $219.00
Sold outCopper Measuring SpoonCopper Measuring Spoon
Copper Measuring Spoon Sale price$142.00
Mini Sentei Gardening SecateursMini Sentei Gardening Secateurs
Sentei Gardening Secateurs – SlimSentei Gardening Secateurs – Slim
Sentei Gardening Secateurs – StraightSentei Gardening Secateurs – Straight
Sold outMizukiri Stainless Dish Rack - SlimMizukiri Stainless Dish Rack - Slim
Shallow Tough Mesh StrainerShallow Tough Mesh Strainer
Shallow Tough Mesh Strainer Sale priceFrom $22.00
Tough Mesh StrainerTough Mesh Strainer
Tough Mesh Strainer Sale priceFrom $27.00
Sori Yanagi Black Birch CutlerySori Yanagi Black Birch Cutlery
Sori Yanagi Black Birch Cutlery Sale priceFrom $36.00
Sori Yanagi One Hand Pot – 18 cmSori Yanagi One Hand Pot – 18 cm
Sori Yanagi One Hand Pot – 18 cm Sale priceFrom $112.00
Sori Yanagi Stainless KettleSori Yanagi Stainless Kettle