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Winter Light

Hello friends,

Every month we hope to share the joy of exploring the subtle nuances of changing seasons, and how this influences our daily lives together. The first snow of the season has fallen, the temperature is getting colder with each passing day. As we head deep into the winter months, there are many things to look forward to.

In Season

Many of our popular items are back in stock. Discover a new favourite for your everyday.

Dishes Plate in Moss Grey from Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain, Cheese KnifeSumi Gauze & Pile Kimono Robe from Uchino, Masashi Ifuji Cherry Oval Box

Current: What's on now

Ebb & Flow
Ceramics and Artwork - JANICE WONG

At our newly opened multipurpose concept space, we are hosting a solo exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Janice Wong from November through December, featuring Wong's ceramic collection. This is a special opportunity to view Wong's creation in an intimate environment. More than 180 pieces of her work are on display, including her paintings, this exhibition offers a calm and peaceful experience until December 24th, 2022. If you are in Vancouver, we hope you can visit us and share a new type of inspiration.

Ebb & Flow is open until December 24, 2022

ENISHI Concept Space
269 E6th Ave, Vancouver BC
Tue - Sat: 12 - 6pm
Sun: 12 - 5pm
Mon: Closed

ENISHI Concept Space is a multipurpose space created by ITSUMO, functioning to strengthen communication and community through special events, art exhibitions, workshops and more. Located right next to our retail shop.

Seasonal Mood

24sekki calendar
小雪 Shousetsu - Small snow
November 22, 2022

This week we have entered the micro-season of 小雪 Shousetsu. It is the season when a light snow falls quietly signalling the arrival of winter. "Small snow" seems like a perfect image fitting our current local seasonal mood. Snow flakes are still too light to pile up, yet, but the fresh white powder on the high mountains becomes brighter. This is also a time to prepare for the holiday gift to show gratitude to those who have been important to you.

Artwork by Janice Mar Wong
Average Daily Snowfall
oil paint & cold wax medium


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In Season

Dishes Plate – Moss GreyDishes Plate – Moss Grey
Dishes Plate – Moss Grey Sale price From $48.00
Azmaya stainless steel cheese knife with a brass handle, made in JapanAzmaya stainless steel cheese knife with a brass handle sitting on top of a wooden cutting board
Cheese Knife Sale price$115.00
Sumi Gauze & Pile Kimono RobeSumi Gauze & Pile Kimono Robe
Masashi Ifuji Oval Box – CherryMasashi Ifuji Oval Box – Cherry
Masashi Ifuji Oval Box – Cherry Sale price From $110.00

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October 23 – 霜降 Soukou

October 23 – 霜降 Soukou

We decided to use late harvest Portuguese peppers, walnuts, and Sen’s homemade miso to make these brown rice miso onigiri to celebrate the concept of 名残 nagori.

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Ebb & Flow – Ceramics and Artwork by Janice Wong

Ebb & Flow – Ceramics and Artwork by Janice Wong

ITSUMO and SORT are pleased to announce a solo exhibition of multidisciplinary artist Janice Wong from November through December.

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