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One Year

Just a couple of days ago, I was looking at the calendar on the wall as usual, with my eyes following our small notes, highlights, arrows… that we scribbled daily behind the desk.

At November 2nd stopped my eyes.

This day marks a special one for us as we celebrate ITSUMO’s 1st birthday at 279 E6th Ave.

One. year.

Feeling extremely fortunate to be able to share our love & passion for what we do everyday, we continue to hope provide stillness in the eye of the storm that is 2020.

As we reminisce about our pop-up shop days in the past, we cannot express enough how grateful we deeply feel in our heart every single day to our community, customers, friends & family for the amazing support.

Without every and all your support we could not have been able to make the huge leap to open up a permanent location in the city we love, Vancouver.

We would like to say thank you to everyone’s continuous support for ITSUMO. We are looking forward to sharing many exciting years to come.

The images from our photo album show a small part of our visual memories from the days we spent behind the closed doors approaching to the opening day.

Cannot explain well but this is simply why we do what we do.

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