Hanging Incense Coil Holder



⌀18 x H4cm


Made in Japan


In stock

The hanging incense plate is a convenient option for use during outdoor activities like camping or a BBQ.


The inner saw teeth hold the incense firmly in place, and the lid is fixed with a stopper to prevent any incense falling out.

You can use it hanging or flat, and it is also effective outdoors on rainy days.

There is no asbestos in the material, so it is safe to use anywhere, and the nostalgic design will remind you of old Japanese summers…


Recommended to use with Kikka Senko Mosquito Coil – Outdoor.


Hokkaido, Japan

* * *

Making the best use of traditional Japanese raw materials for their products, Rinnesha takes responsibility for the entire cycle of production, from cultivation to consumption.

Based in Takigami-cho, Hokkaido, Rinnesha works with local and Chinese farmers to preserve the traditional raw material of the pyrethrum plant, which was once produced in abundance but is now almost extinct. The flowers and stems of the pyrethrum are milled and used as the main ingredient in their Kikuhana Senkou incense, the smoke from which acts as a natural insect repellent. This method of insect repellent had been used since ancient times, but had been all but forgotten with the invention of synthetic chemical pesticides.

In 1998 the Rinnesha company developed the Kikuhana Senkou incense as a solution to chemical sensitivities experienced from using domestic insecticides. This all-natural product was successfully resurrected from the past! 

Today, Rinnesha works closely with pyrethrum farms in Hokkaido and China to make sure the plants are grown without chemicals or pesticides, ensuring that the final product remains safe, reliable, and produced in a consistent environment. 

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