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Mutsume Bamboo Basket



Made in Japan


  • S: ⌀16 x H5cm (⌀6.3″ x H1.97″)
  • M: ⌀19 x H7cm (⌀7.48″ x H2.75″)
  • L: ⌀23 x H9cm (⌀9.05″ x H3.54″)


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Lightweight and durable, this is a handy bamboo basket with a simple and elegant appearance. This basket is handcrafted in Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture, an area of Japan that is famous for its bamboo products. It uses a weaving technique called “Mutsume” (六目, hexagon), an open weave style that results in a beautiful hexagonal pattern throughout.


Although the mesh of the basket is large, it is sturdy and will not bend in your hand. For extra reinforcement, “rikitake” (strong bamboo) is woven into a triangle on the bottom of the basket. The hard side of the bamboo skin faces the exterior of the basket, giving it a smooth finish that will slowly change in colour from light green to rich brown with age and use. You will find this basket to have many practical purposes both at home and outdoors.


For example it can be used to:

  • Store, wash, and drain fruits or vegetables.
  • Serve fried foods such as tempura and donuts by inserting a paper liner.
  • Store small plates and cups by the kitchen sink as a small dish rack.
  • Organize and store knitting and sewing materials, stationery, personal accessories, or any number of other household items.


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