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Summer Pop-Up – Sukui on Bowen Island

Shadows of tree leaves for the Bowen Island summer Pop Up with Itsumo and Miki Tanaka Jewelry

すくい Sukui on Bowen Island

Summer Pop Up at MIKI TANAKA jewelry
585 Prometheus Place, Bowen Island, BC
(Lower Artisan Square)
2021 August 12th Thursday – 22nd Sunday
Open everyday 10am – 4pm

Scoops by Miki Tanaka Jewelry

Sukui (to scoop)

Following up on their 2019 “Meguri – the miracle of chance encounters” pop-up collaboration, Miki Tanaka Jewelry and ITSUMO will come together once more for a pop-up event on Bowen Island. This year’s theme is Sukui すくい , a Japanese expression which means “to scoop”.

Humans have used the action of scooping since ancient times in order to transfer just the right amount of substance from one vessel to another. Often, your own two hands can serve as the perfect tool, functioning as a natural measuring device for the ideal amount of whatever it is you might desire. This idea of scooping up and carrying with you just enough of what you need drives the theme behind this year’s pop-up collaboration. Take only what you require, and let the excess drop away.

Featuring a curated selection of products from both ITSUMO and Miki Tanaka, the pop-up shop will be held at Miki Tanaka’s Artisan Square atelier on Bowen Island, from August 12th to 22nd. There will be handcrafted home products, including one-of-a-kind antiques from Japan, along with a line of handmade objects by Miki Tanaka, produced exclusively for this event. Many of these unique pieces will only be available for purchase during the Sukui pop-up.

We hope to see you there.

Pottery from Miki Tanaka Jewelry

Miki Tanaka Jewelry gold Twinkle Ring with star shapes

About Miki Tanaka

Originally from Izu Peninsula, Japan, Miki Tanaka made the journey to North America at the age of 20 to study painting and metal smithing at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.

Soon after, she moved to New York city and completed her studies at Cooper Union and Parsons School of Design. It was in New York in 2001, she started Miki Tanaka Jewelry and began selling it in emerging stores in NYC and across the world. In 2017, Miki and her husband Bob opened the studio/gallery on Bowen Island, BC, where she continues to develop her unique organic precision style as a jewelry designer and metalsmith. She enjoys finding the perfect visual balance and loves to discover patterns while she creates these unique jewelry forms. To ensure that each piece meets highest quality standards, she considers the longevity of her products and carefully selects her pure materials while making each piece by hand.

585 Prometheus Place
Bowen Island, BC

Japanese cotton and linen textiles from Itsumo at a summer pop up shop on Bowen Island


Take pleasure in an unhurried lifestyle and reconnect with useful objects made and meant for daily enjoyment.

Based in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC, ITSUMO carries a selection of Japanese goods and crafts that celebrate the quiet joy of everyday life. Focusing on three core elements – 衣食住 Dress, Eat, Dwell – ITSUMO seeks out beautiful, yet essential tools for living, made by hand and crafted from natural elements, often using centuries-old traditional Japanese techniques. “Itsumo” is the Japanese word for always, everyday, continuously and forever; and each product carries with it, both the history of its craft and the potential for a lifetime of use.

Japanese Lifestyle Shop
279 East 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC
604 423 3679

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