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Since 1600’s, Kyoto, Japan



Originally founded as a medicinal pharmacy that processed and purified fragrant woods and raw materials to be offered for healthful benefits, Yamadamatsu has been a respected family business for over 200 years, manufacturing high quality incense from their unchanged recipe they originated during Japan’s Edo Period. Introduced to Japan hand in hand with the sweeping influence of Buddhism, the deep rich fragrances of incense came to be used not only during spiritual rituals but also in everyday life, flourishing as a culture beyond its original religious context. Since the incense tree was washed ashore in Japan at the end of the 6th century, Yamadamatsu continues to develop proprietary recipes for traditional incense using some of the finest varieties of Aloeswood, Kyara, and Sandalwood. After hundreds of years perfecting their approach to production, today Yamadamatsu is recognized as one of the world’s finest producers of high quality incense. With such extensive, first-hand knowledge of the history of Japanese incense, Yamadamatsu possesses a uniquely rich understanding and sensibility of the culture surrounding it and the importance it can hold in our modern lfestyles, and they are happy to share that knowledge with the world.


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