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Sep 8, 2022 – 白露 • Hakuro

Sep 8, 2022

tokoroten-handblown glass bowl-yumiko iihoshi porcelain unjour plate
tokoroten-handblown glass bowl-yumiko iihoshi porcelain unjour plate

2022 Sep 8: 白露 • Hakuro

Welcome back to our series of posts made in collaboration with @kintokisweets, exploring Japanese culture and seasonal observations inspired by the 二十四節季 24 Sekki micro season calendar. Also known as “small seasons”, 24 sekki uses the twenty-four divisions of the year marked by natural phenomena, and it’s been deeply connected in the Japanese lifestyle since ancient times. 


Some of you, who have been following us over the past few years, might already be familiar with this series. As we took a short break recently due to the unexpected loss of our Instagram account, we’ve decided to continue our routines moving forward here on our new account @itsumolifestyle. We hope to share a small piece of joy, taking the time to appreciate the subtle changes of seasons in our daily lives. 

On September 8th we enter the 15th micro season called 白露 hakuro, the season of “white dew” in the 24 Sekki calendar. It is the time of year when you start to feel the evenings are getting cooler. The temperature differences in the warm day and chilly night create morning landscapes bright white with shimmering dew. 

With the last of the summer heat remaining and the recurring theme of dew during this micro season, we thought a classic Japanese sweet called 心太 Tokoroten would be fitting and refreshing. Simply made with agar, served with sweet syrup made with Okinawa muscovado sugar, this refreshing dish is cooling to the eye, and the strands of delicate agar gelée reminds of flowing water. 


At ITSUMO we enjoy an elegant and elevated presentation using our favourite tableware to create visually attractive layers. While a hand-blown glass vessel compliments the texture of the Tokoroten, the Yumiko Iihoshi Porcelain’s Unjour plate (small) fits perfectly as a saucer with a sprig of fresh greenery.

Now we enjoy an early morning stroll to take in this season of shimmering morning dew, while feeling the comfort of the summer warmth behind the back. 


Until our next exploration 

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