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Unjour Cup – Rainy Grey



Made in Japan


  • Nuit (S): W10.5 x D8.0 x H6.5cm / 6oz
  • Apres Midi (M): W12 x D9.5 x H5.9cm / 8oz
  • Matin (L): W12.2 x D9.7 x H7.2cm / 12oz


*Dishwasher and microwave safe.

*To prevent damage and reduce waste, online orders are not shipped in original Yumiko Iihoshi boxes unless requested.


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French for ‘one day’, “Unjour” series of tableware is inspired by the relaxing moments throughout our day; in the morning, afternoon, or evening. With a design that is both simple and functional, Yumiko Iihoshi’s tableware is ideally enjoyed using your own mix and match style, with the different sizes and colours. The matching cups, bowls and plates are offered in the beautiful matte glaze options, each colour is soft and calm, fitting comfortably within your daily lifestyle. 


• • •


It is a popular series that represents Yumiko Ihoshi Porcelain with an exquisite balance between the handle and the main body. Recommended to use with the unjour Gouter plate (size S) as the cup’s saucer.

As you can imagine different scenes of the day, choose a size that fits your mood…


― Matin: morning ― (L)
For a large cup of of caffè latte or soup in the morning


― Après midi: afternoon― (M)
Perfect size for afternoon tea and cake


― Nuit: late at night― (S)
For a small espresso break at night. A cup designed for relaxing at the end of the day.

Microwave: ◎ 




Direct Fire:✕


Tokyo, Japan

* * *

Yumiko’s concept is to create a design that is on the boundary between handmade and conventionally manufactured products. 

After graduating from Kyoto Saga University of Arts, studying a Porcelain major, Yumiko started her own porcelain collection under her own name.  She designs and oversees the manufacture of porcelain tableware which combines the use of molds for uniformity, with hand glazing by artisans, to ensure each piece has a sense of individuality.  Each ceramic glaze and shape is unique and original, taking inspiration from the functionality and pure sense of a vessel. 

“It is not something that every single claim is too apparent. I thought that it would be nice to have warmth in design, but not argue too much.”

The aesthetic forms and unique palettes are infused with a sense of nostalgia, inspiring us to reflect and reminisce about time while using it in our daily lives.

All products are crafted in Japan.


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