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Yamabudou Grapevine Hanging Basket


Yamabudou grapevine, Hemp twine, Glass bottle

Made in Japan


Basket: 9 x 25 x H6cm

Glass Bottle: ⌀ 5 x H10cm


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Using strong yamabudou grapevines, this slim hanging basket is beautifully handwoven by skilled craftsmen in Fukushima prefecture, Japan. Its rustic and divine appearance will add a touch of nature in your home. Ideal for arranging fresh or dried flowers like ikebana style with it, or use it for functional purposes such as storing paint brushes, scissors, kitchen utensils or even small dusters and brooms. 


Yamabudou is the red grape variety (crimson glory vine) originates from Japan. The hometown of Yamabudou is in the deep mountains where bears are likely to come out after crossing a river and climbing a large rock. Yamabudou grows naturally with vines crawling on the surrounding trees for several meters. Even though it is a vine, it is a very thick vine with a diameter of 6 to 10 cm. The time of harvest is only the rainy season, which contains plenty of water. The vines collected during the harvest season are dried and tanned, and the width of the vines is aligned and knitted according to the woven pattern of the baskets. It is extremely hard work and a lot of time and human hands are spent from collecting vines to completing each basket.


It comes with a small glass bottle inside that can be filled with water and used to display fresh flowers. If you remove the bottle, you can add dried flowers or other purposes that might suit your desires. Since it is threaded with hemp twine, it can be easily hung on the wall with a hook or nail.

Due to the nature of the material, you may notice uneven colour, cracks or thorns. This is not a defect.


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