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Vintage Boro Furoshiki Fabric – Indigo Solid Patch


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One-of-a-kind piece of vintage indigo cotton fabric from Japan. Over time, the dye has developed a beautifully rich blue-green hue. 


A traditional patchwork style, Boro, meaning “ragged”, “tattered”, or “repaired”, is a class of Japanese textiles that have been handed down over generations after decades of mending.

Often used by farmers, merchants or artisans in Japan from Edo era up to early Showa (17th – early 19th century), it is now a rare and unique part of history of fabric.

Every piece is one of a kind characterized by the beautifully faded colour and often patched with “Sashiko” traditional hand stitching details.


*Vintage fabric may contain areas of discolouration, unfinished edges, small holes, or snags. These are not considered defects, but are instead cherished assets that add to the character and history of each piece. 



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