Zero Twist Gauze Dot Towel – White



Cotton 97% Polyester 3%

Made in Japan


Wash Cloth: 34 x 40cm (13″ x 16″)

Hand: 50 x 100cm (20″ x 39″)

Bath: 70 x 140cm (28″ x 55″)

Wide Bath: 90 x 160cm (35″ x 63″)


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The luxurious Zero Twist Gauze Dot towel provides two textures in one, both being highly absorbent, lightweight and ridiculously comfortable on the skin. 

One side offers the gorgeous Gauze Dot, the other Uchino’s infamous “Zero Twist”. The company’s finest, highly advanced spinning technology minimizes fluff while maximizing softness and airiness.


A uniquely luxuriously sized towel, the Wide Bath Towel dimension is ideal as a lite summer blanket, and is also suitable year round as a baby or child’s blanket.

The Zero Twist towel feels delightful on your skin, every time you use it.

UCHINO  Zero Twist cotton: 


While many towels are created using twisted fibres to build up individual piles, the Zero Twist is a ‘magical’ yarn that utilizes almost Zero twisted fibre.

Made with a premium quality, extra-long staple cotton, Uchino’s proprietary Zero Twist towels have a wonderfully soft feel while also having the advantage of being highly absorbent.

Uchino’s Zero Twist cotton receives the utmost attention, with an additional combing step which ensures any smaller strands are removed, resulting in a beautiful towel with minimal fluff.

When Laundering

・ Wash with more water

Washing with enough water so the towels swim inside the washing machine removes soil easier and prevents fluff from adhering to the towels.

Use fabric softer sparingly

Use softener only when towels feel hard. Overuse may diminish towel absorbency and cause shedding.

Do not leave wet

Leaving towels wet will cause bacteria to breed and develop unpleasant odours. We recommend frequent laundering and immediately hanging to dry.

When Drying

Shake out the towel before hanging to dry

After the spin cycle and before hanging to dry, whip the towel strongly 10-20 times. The terry pile that flattened during washing will return to its original state and stay fluffy.

Hang in the shade; using a drying machine is also effective

Hang towels to dry in the shade and where there is good ventilation. Hanging them in the sun will fade the colour and harden the towel. Tumble drying is the best way to get a fluffy finish. Please note that there are some towels that cannot use a tumble dryer.

Use the front-loading washing machine to your advantage

By using a front-loading washing machine through to the drying cycle, terry pile that was flattened during washing will return to its original state to maintain the fluffy feel. If the washing machine doesn’t have a drying function, you can prevent pile from being flattened and getting hard by choosing the delicate cycle used for wool and silk clothing and setting water volume to maximum.

Avoid tumble-drying for the products below;

× Waffle-weave products (We recommend using the mesh laundry bags for Waffle-weave products.)

× Products sewn or rolled with tape along the four edges

× Products adorned with lace, rhinestones, etc.

When tumble-drying the products below, use a lower temperature (70°C or lower)

× Gauze-weave products

× Products using silk


Since 1947

Tokyo, Japan

* * *

How could we enrich and bring more happiness to everyday life?

In an effort to achieve this, UCHINO suggests how to pleasurably spend the time between taking bath and going to bed.

With an approach of “towel comfort” for enjoying a premium, pleasant lifestyle, they research and develop towels from every possible angle every day.

Besides developing materials and researching technologies, UCHINO has taken a step further, extending to medical science and ergonomics.

The company began its creation of superb bath and body products in 1947, and has continued to pursue better quality and comfort.

Over the years it has collaborated with some of the most prestigious names in European design including haute couture brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel.

Located in Tokyo, Japan, UCHINO is renowned for its commitment to protecting the environment and uses only 100% natural cotton and only the most natural herb and mineral dyes in all its fine line of merchandise.

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