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Kishu Binchotan Charcoal Towel



84% cotton, 13% rayon

Made in Japan


Wash Cloth: 34 x 40cm (13″ x 16″)

Hand: 50 x 100cm (20″ x 39″)

Bath: 70 x 140cm (28″ x 55″)


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The Kishu Binchotan towel is woven with a yarn made of cotton and rayon along with the amazing benefits from high quality charcoal.

Binchotan charcoal, which has been popular since the Edo period in Japan (1603 ~ 1867), is said to have the property of adsorbing moisture & odours and emitting far-infrared rays. High-quality charcoal from Kishu made from Ubame oak wood (Quercus phillyrae) is made into fine powder, kneaded into rayon fibre, then blended with cotton. The fine pores on the surface of the charcoal adsorb odour molecules and exert a deodorizing effect.


As the charcoal naturally turns the fibres dark grey, this unique and beautiful colour can never be expressed with chemical dyes. Reminiscent of of Japanese wabi-sabi pebble gardens, Kishu Binchotan towels bring comfort and calmness while adding a sophisticated mood into your daily bath experience.


Specialising in textiles since 1947, UCHINO’s concept is to offer a unique experience with their originally developed materials using new technologies. Located in Tokyo, Japan, UCHINO is renowned for its commitment to protecting the environment while using natural materials and mineral dyes in all its fine line of merchandise.

With an approach of “towel comfort” for enjoying a premium and pleasant lifestyle, they research and develop superior quality towels from every angle of everyday use. UCHINO suggests to pleasurably spend the time between taking a bath and going to bed in an effort to enrich and bring more happiness to everyday life.

When Laundering…

  • Wash with more water
  • Washing with enough water so the towels swim inside the washing machine removes soil easier and prevents fluff from adhering to the towels.

  • Use fabric softener sparingly
  • Use softener only if the towels feel hard. Overuse may diminish towel absorbency and cause shedding.

  • Do not leave wet
  • Leaving towels wet will cause bacteria to breed and develop unpleasant odours. We recommend frequent laundering and immediately hanging to dry after use.

    When Drying…

  • Use a dryer
  • Tumble drying is the best way to get a fluffy finish. Please note that there are some towels that should not be placed in the tumble dryer.

  • If hang drying
  • Choose the delicate cycle used for wool and silk clothing and set water volume to maximum, this way you can prevent the pile from getting flat and stiff.

    After the spin cycle and before hanging to dry, whip the towel strongly 10-20 times. The flattened terry pile will return to its original state and stay fluffy.

    Then, hang towels to dry in the shade where there is good ventilation. Hanging them in the sun will fade the colour and harden the towel.


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