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Hori Hori Gardening Knife


Blade: Stainless Steel

Handle: Walnut Wood

Case: Tochigi Leather


Made in Tsubamesanjo, Japan

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Knife: L30.5 x W4.5 x H2cm (Blade 17cm)


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Made by Japanese blacksmiths from special rust-resistant stainless steel, this gardening knife is ideal for use in a multitude of gardening tasks and is often called a must-have item for any gardener. It can also be a useful tool to carry with you for for a wide variety of outdoor activities such as foraging or camping.

Made in the city of Tusbamesanjo, Niigata prefecture, a famous area for metal working, the knives are crafted by *Asano Mokkousho (see Brand), using the special Japanese stainless steel 420J2 for the blades, allowing for exceptional sharpness and rust resistance. The sharp blade is used for digging, weeding, transplanting, dividing perennials, trimming, and harvesting quick and easy; the serrated edge can cut through tough roots. The wooden handle is crafted from walnut and designed for increased comfort and slip resistance. A versatile tool to help with all your yard work, the knife comes with a Tochigi leather case that protects the blade, and that can be attached to your belt for easy mobility.


Tsubamesanjo 燕三条

Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture is a town famous for its metal processing and technological evolution. With the history and traditions of such manufacturing still preserved by craftsmen in this area, new advanced industrial technology continues to develop, making Tsubamesanjo homewares ideal products for the modern home, while still living within tradition.

Tsubame and Sanjo, often referred to as “mid-prefecture,” are two cities located almost in the center of Niigata Prefecture. Tsubame-Sanjo is famous for its metal processing, but it is also a region rich in nature – thanks to the Shinano river, Japan’s longest, that runs through the region – and is known as a production center for delicious rice and fruits. Its fertile land has long contributed to a harvest of agricultural products and prosperity.

The tradition of metal fabrication in these two towns dates back over 400 years to the Edo period (1603-1867), with the manufacturing of metal nails marking a turning point in Japan’s industrial revolution. Since then, Tsubame-Sanjo has become one of the world’s leading technological zones, continuously developing new ways to improve and evolve industrial technologies to meet new challenges amid changing times. But time-honoured techniques of the past are not forgotten. Some traditional industries, such as Tsuiki copperware and forging, are still passed down in an unbroken line from generation to generation, while simultaneously embracing present-day lifestyles with contemporary metal products and tools that no modern household can do without. In this way, the manufacturing tradition of Tsubame-Sanjo continues to evolve.

About Asano Mokkousho;


Located in Tsubamesanjo of Niigata prefecture, an area famous for its metal work, Asano Mokkousho was founded in 1950 by Teisuke Asano, the son of a farmer, after his marriage to Sakae Sasagawa, the daughter of a Tokyo manufacturer. This union of rural and metropolitan values would prove the linchpin of the new company. All their products are based on Teisuke’s wish to make farmers’ lives easier with his tools, and Sakae’s love of nature and her desire to help others who shared this love.

Today, Asano Mokkousho produces a wide variety of tools including domestic and professional gardening tools and outdoor utility knives, for everything from landscaping, agriculture, to road construction, etc. Their products are produced by skilled craftsmen with the same dedication to hard work and quality inherited from their founders.



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