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Sentei Gardening Secateurs – Slim


Carbon steel

Leather case included.

Made in Japan

L19 x W2 x H0.6cm (Blade 6.5cm)


*Maximum cutting capacity: Raw wood diameter 10 mm (blade edge) up to 5 mm (blade edge)


In stock

Suitable for pruning work, these flower shears are handcrafted one-by-one by skilled craftsmen at Toyama Hamono in Niigata prefecture. Handmade from high-carbon forged steel, which gives it the rich black colour, these shears feature razor-blade sharpness. Extremely satisfying to use for gardening, these shears fit comfortably in the hands and are easy to control. Use them to prune raw wood with a diameter of up to 10mm. Do not use to cut shrubs, artificial flowers, wires, or bamboo. After each use, it is recommended to wipe with soft cloth with blade oil. Please store indoors.

No chemicals are used on the surface to ensure the product remains eco-friendly.


Niigata, Japan

Since 1861

* * *

Toyama Hamono is a traditional shears manufacturer based in the town of Sanjo located in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Sanjo is a town famous for the craft of blacksmithery. The founding of Toyama Hamono dates back to the Bunkyu period of the Edo era (1861-1864), their techniques have been passed down through five generations in Sanjo. Their methods are based on the manufacturing techniques of Japanese swords (katana) and have been hand-crafting traditional secateurs and shears for almost 160 years.

Toyama Hamono continues to offer high quality and trusted products, which can last a lifetime, while maintaining a respectful reputation throughout Japan and the world for producing excellence in gardening shears and secateurs.


Living within Tradition

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