Teshigoto Calendar 2022



Printed in Japan


  • Desktop: L15.3cm x W10.5cm
  • Poster: L51.5 x W38.5cm


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Using a stencil dyeing technique featuring depictions of seasonal landscapes and beautiful Japanese handicrafts as motifs, the Teshigoto Calendar is designed by traditional dyeing artisan Koichi Odanaka.

Brimming with gentle, bright colours and simple beauty, the Teshigoto Calendar adds a moment of visual splendour and cultural liveliness to each of your 365 days.

“Teshigoto” is Japanese for handicrafts. With this calendar, designer Odanaka-san hopes to share the joy & beauty of Japanese handicrafts into daily life while helping nurture an unhurried lifestyle.


May 2022 be a wonderful year for everyone!



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