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TATAKI Stain Brush


Black: Horse Hair

White: Tampico Fibre

Made in Japan


⌀2cm x 12cm


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Traditionally used in Japan for removing stains on kimono or tabi socks, the Tataki Stain Brush effectively treats stained areas without causing harm to the fabric.

Ideal for removing the daily accumulation of dirt or stains around cuffs and collars.

Using soapy water, gently dab the soiled spot, or scrub gently in small circular motions.


White: The white brush has thick, strong Tampico fibers, suitable for tougher materials like linen, cotton, canvas, etc.

Black:  Made from horse hair, the black brush is excellent for treating delicate fabrics such as silk and knits.

Products may be slightly different in shape and size due to the handmade production. The conditions of the materials are carefully adjusted by craftsmen one by one.


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