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Kami Glass – Tall


Castor aralia wood, Tableware urethane coating

Made in Japan


  • S: ⌀ 6 × H 10.5 cm (190 ml)
  • M: ⌀ 6.4 × H 11.4 cm (220 ml)
  • L: ⌀ 6.8 × H 12.1 cm (270 ml)


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These beautiful wooden cups are made by grinding “Sen” wood (castor aralia) from Hokkaido. Shaped by hand using a potter’s wheel, it is only a thickness of about 2mm. This makes it thin enough for light to pass through, and hence the name, “Kami”, a Japanese word for paper. 

The feel of the wood on one’s lips is warm and gentle in comparison to traditional cold glassware, and the low thermal conductivity of the wood means that the temperature from hot drinks will transfer to your hands very slowly. The material is so lightweight, yet also strong and hard to break, making it ideal for use by small children. Finished with a tableware urethane coating, Kami glasses make drinking a joyful experience. Good for any kinds of drinks.


The cups, plates and tableware produced by Takahashi Kougei are made with wood from the Hokkaido mountains, and the creation of such articles serves to link the mountains with the people. The forests are managed with care so that younger trees can grow, which entails felling the right number of older trees to allow the forest room to breathe. When you purchase one of these items, you can feel the connection to nature right in your home.

  • Do not use in microwave ovens or dishwashing machines, and do not soak for prolonged periods. This may cause damage to the finish and make the utensils unsuitable for use.


  • Do not pour in just-boiled water.


  • Wash with warm water using diluted cleanser on a soft sponge. Wipe and keep dry.


  • Wood has a low heat conduction rate, so hot drinks will not cool quickly. Beware of burns when drinking from wood cups.


  • The coating used complies with Japan’s Food Sanitation Law. An odour may be given off after a certain period, but this does not indicate a quality problem. To remove the door, place used tea leaves of coffee beans for several hours and repeat as necessary.


Hokkaido, Japan

Since 1965

* * *

Founded in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, in 1965 by Shoichi Takahashi, a lathe worker. Originally produced mostly table legs and ornamental pillars. With the downturn in the domestic furniture market, Takahashi Kougei launched in the 1980s the production of wood cups and sugar pots using lathes, becoming the founder of the Asahikawa group of wood tableware makers. Creates simple and functional tableware using mainly Hokkaido-grown trees. While preserving the look and feel of wood, these items–such as the Kami series drinking cups–have a modern sensibility, enabling them to blend naturally into the contemporary lifestyle. Hidetoshi Takahashi became president in 2009. 


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