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Body Brush with Hinoki Handle



Windmill palm fibres, Japanese cypress wood

Made in Wakayama, Japan


Φ12 x 39 x H7cm / Φ4.7″ x 15.35″ x 2.75″


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Handmade from natural Kishu shuro (windmill palm fibre), this body brush is a fantastic bath item for washing your body. Featuring a long hinoki (Japanese cypress) wooden handle, it is easy to reach and scrub the back or soles of the feet. 

Produced without any use of pesticides or disinfectants, Kishu shuro fibers are high quality, uniform and supple, making it ideal for use directly on the skin. Enjoy a gentle scrub with your favourite soap, or just use warm water for a refreshing massage. 


After use, remove excess water thoroughly and leave to dry in a well-ventilated place.


Since 1948

Wakayama, Japan

* * *

TAKADA has been manufacturing household goods exclusively focused on the everyday life since 1948.

“SHURO Tawashi,” traditional Japanese scrub brushes made from the bark of windmill palm trees growing naturally in the Kishu area (Wakayama prefecture) of Japan, have been successfully reintroduced by TAKADA.

Takada Shuro Tawashi brushes offered by ITSUMO are handmade using the bark of the windmill palm tree called Shuro, a natural material familiar to Japanese culture since ancient times. Shuro’s flexible and soft texture is ideal when utilized for scrub brushes and brooms.

TAKADA brushes are of the highest quality. So soft you can use it for massaging or scrubbing the body when bathing. 

To this day, most of the manufacturing processes are carefully achieved by the hands of skilled craftsmen at TAKADA.

TAKADA craftsmen believe that household products in everyday life should be friendly to users, as well as the environment.

Conveying the superior quality of the windmill palm industry and the associated techniques of fine craftsmanship to the next generation is the prime focus of Takada’s business.

The manufacture of their premium line of “J SHURO Tawashi” – made only from the bark of local grown windmill palm tree fiber harvested from Kishu, Japan – with pride.

*Premium Japanese Shuro Tawashi


Living within Tradition

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