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Suge Tatami Rug


Sedges Straw

Made in Japan


70cm x 50cm (27.56″ x 19.7″)


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Similar to tatami, this simple floor mat is handwoven only using the natural material called “Suge” (sedges). Lightweight, easy to roll and store, it is ideal for use in the kitchen or in entrances. 

The natural feel of sedges is soft and refreshing, and it can also be useful as a garden sheet for drying of harvested vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Its compact size makes it effortless to carry with you to a picnic, beaches, or any seasonal outdoor activities as well. 


In the mountain villages in the northern part of Gunma Prefecture, the “Suge” (sedges) plant is used to make tatami mats, instead of regular straw. In the fall, all the villagers go into the mountains to mow sedges, which is then made into soft, high quality ropes in a local hot spring and woven on a wooden weaving machine. 

Suge tatami rug is a traditional Japanese design that fits comfortably in any setting in our modern homes.


*As it is a natural material, the color, shape distortion, size, etc. may differ slightly depending on the arrival time. Please note that it is not a sign of a defective product.


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