Sori Yanagi Stainless Deep Pot


18-8 Stainless Steel, Bakelite (Handle & Tab)

Made in Japan


W34.7 x D23.7 x H20.7cm



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Designed by Japanese industrial designer Sori Yanagi, this Stainless Deep Pot is made of strong and rust-resistant 18-8 stainless steel. Extremely durable, this deep pot is light-weight and easy to handle and clean. The handles on the side are made with phenol resin, which allows you to grab the pot without a potholder while cooking.

Designed to use as a set with Stainless Colander inside. The fine- meshed strainer basket is made with expanded metal, which is produced from a single metal sheet, no seams that can fray or rip apart. It is convenient not only for boiling pasta or other noodles, but also for boiling vegetables and meat as a whole to cook stew or soup stock.


Sori Yanagi’s kitchenware has been popular across the ages because they are designed in every aspect including durability, ease of storage, and of course, functionality. Its minimum and beautiful form has been created from a thorough calculation for ease of use. The brand’s series of stainless steel kitchen tools and utensils have a sophisticated modern design in a beautiful matte finish.


Also works well with Stainless Strainer 23cm in combination for draining (or steaming).


*Dishwasher safe

*Designed for use on gas or electric cooktop; Not compatible with induction heating.


Since 1950, Japan

* * *

Sōri Yanagi (柳 宗理, 1915–2011) was a Japanese industrial designer renowned for his beautifully simple homewares and furniture. Sori Yanagi’s organic forms combine simplicity and practicality with elements of Japan’s native artisanal traditions. This successful synthesis made Yanagi one of the most significant Japanese designers of the post-war era.

Born in 1915 as a son of Soetsu Yanagi, who founded the “Mingei” movement which celebrated Japanese folk crafts and the beauty of everyday objects. Soetsu helped establish the Nihon Mingeikan, the Folk Crafts Museum of Japan. Sori entered Tokyo Art School in 1934, where he studied both art and architecture. He was influenced by Le Corbusier as well as by Charlotte Perriand when she worked in Japan in the early 1940s. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Japan (currently Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music), he studied at Junzo Sakakura’s Architectural office. Having the background of both art and architecture in school, he pioneered Japanese postwar industrial design. In 1950, he founded Yanagi Design Institute,which created a prolific number of articles of daily use and furnishings.

Having the background of studying both art and architecture in school, he pioneered Japanese postwar industrial design. In 1950, he founded Yanagi Design Institute. He designed many products: furniture, three-wheeled vehicles, Olympic cauldrons, pedestrian overpasses, etc. In 1951, his cabinet for home appliances won First Prize at the first Japan Industrial Design Contest. In 1957, Butterfly Stool won the Gold Medal at Triennale in Milan, Italy. From 1977 he served as president of the Japan Folk Craft Museum. He also designed the torch holder and the seats in the stadium for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. The water kettle was just one of Sori Yanagi’s most famous designs as well as his porcelain and silverware series. 

He was consistent with customer’s point of view, and considered design with making model by himself. He designed many works which enriched daily life and could be used long term. The designer’s focus was always the unconscious beauty of everyday objects. His philosophy and passion towards design in his work have been appreciated around the world.

“Whether handcrafted or manufactured, a design is born from its connection to everyday life. And this is also the source of true beauty.”

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