Sori Yanagi Stainless Bowl


18-8 Stainless Steel

Made in Japan

Available in 13, 16, 19, 23, 27cm


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Upon completing a lengthy research process, including a dedicated study focusing on the opinions of both amateur and professional chefs, the simple and elegant design of the Sori Yanagi Stainless Bowl was born. With soft yet durable materials, warmly inviting to use and ever so comfortable in your hand, the Sori Yanagi sense of style and design has become one of the most highly recognized and timeless fixtures of modern Japanese craft.


With an incredibly lightweight design, made only with durable & dependable 18-8 stainless steel, the Sori Yanagi line of stainless kitchenware exemplifies the brand’s meticulous approach to manufacturing, embodying the Japanese tradition of superb craftsmanship and simplicity of design.This sublime product has become a staple tool for industrial kitchen use, and also for those who simply enjoy unencumbered food preparation. 


The Sori Yanagi Stainless Strainer is available aligned in size with each of the Stainless Bowls: ⌀16, ⌀19, ⌀23, ⌀27


Every Sori Yanagi creation aims to offer a pure manifestation of design nirvana: Simplicity of form, Beauty of materials and unobtrusive Function.

All Sori Yanagi 100% stainless steel products are safe for dishwasher cleaning.


13cm: φ13.2cm x H5cm / 0.4ℓ

16cm: φ15.8cm x H6.5cm / 0.7ℓ

19cm: φ18.5cm x H7.7cm / 1.2ℓ

23cm: φ23.1cm x H11.9cm / 3.4ℓ

27cm: φ27.2cm x H17.7cm / 4.2ℓ


Since 1950, Japan

* * *

Sōri Yanagi (柳 宗理, 1915–2011) was a Japanese industrial designer renowned for his beautifully simple homewares and furniture. Sori Yanagi’s organic forms combine simplicity and practicality with elements of Japan’s native artisanal traditions. This successful synthesis made Yanagi one of the most significant Japanese designers of the post-war era.

Born in 1915 as a son of Soetsu Yanagi, who founded the “Mingei” movement which celebrated Japanese folk crafts and the beauty of everyday objects. Soetsu helped establish the Nihon Mingeikan, the Folk Crafts Museum of Japan. Sori entered Tokyo Art School in 1934, where he studied both art and architecture. He was influenced by Le Corbusier as well as by Charlotte Perriand when she worked in Japan in the early 1940s. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Japan (currently Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music), he studied at Junzo Sakakura’s Architectural office. Having the background of both art and architecture in school, he pioneered Japanese postwar industrial design. In 1950, he founded Yanagi Design Institute,which created a prolific number of articles of daily use and furnishings.

Having the background of studying both art and architecture in school, he pioneered Japanese postwar industrial design. In 1950, he founded Yanagi Design Institute. He designed many products: furniture, three-wheeled vehicles, Olympic cauldrons, pedestrian overpasses, etc. In 1951, his cabinet for home appliances won First Prize at the first Japan Industrial Design Contest. In 1957, Butterfly Stool won the Gold Medal at Triennale in Milan, Italy. From 1977 he served as president of the Japan Folk Craft Museum. He also designed the torch holder and the seats in the stadium for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. The water kettle was just one of Sori Yanagi’s most famous designs as well as his porcelain and silverware series. 

He was consistent with customer’s point of view, and considered design with making model by himself. He designed many works which enriched daily life and could be used long term. The designer’s focus was always the unconscious beauty of everyday objects. His philosophy and passion towards design in his work have been appreciated around the world.

“Whether handcrafted or manufactured, a design is born from its connection to everyday life. And this is also the source of true beauty.”



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