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Shuro Tawashi Brush


Windmill Palm Fibre

Made in Japan


  • S: L9cm x W6cm x H3cm
    • (L3.6″ x W2.4″ x H1.2″)


  • M: L11cm x W8cm x H4.5cm
    • (L4.3″ x W3.15″ x H1.8″)


  • Jumbo: L17.5cm x W10cm x 5cm
    • (L6.9″ x W3.9″ x H2″)


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Tawashi, traditional Japanese scrub brush, are still a ubiquitous household cleaning tool in many homes in Japan. This bottle brush is a fantastic alternative to modern kitchen tools made from synthetic materials. The tawashi brushes are all made by hand, using the bark of the windmill palm tree called Shuro, a natural material familiar to Japanese culture since ancient times. Shuro’s flexible and soft texture is ideal when utilized for scrub brushes and brooms.

Durable and long-lasting, easy and gentle to use for cleaning pots and pans, cutting boards, dishes, etc. Also great for removing scorching and rust, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, floors, dirty boots, and anything else that can use a heavy-duty scrubbing. The Tawashi lifts away dirt one bristle at at time, so regular water is sufficient enough for normal washing-up. For greasy or heavily soiled items, apply only a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the bristles. 


[Various ways you can utilize Shuro Tawashi]

・Washing dishes, glasses, or ceramic vessels

・Washing cookware such as a colanders, knives, or cutting boards

・Washing cast iron pots, pans, or kettles

・Washing soil from root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots

・Massaging / exfoliating when bathing

・Removing dirt and stains from clothing

・Scrubbing concrete, tile, or stone floor

*Please note:


Handmade products may be slightly different in shape and size due to the inherent inconsistency of production. While the conditions of the materials are carefully overseen by craftsmen on an individual basis, this can also result in a wider array of possible final dimensions.


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