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Shoyeido Horin Incense Sticks – Shirakawa



A box set of incense sticks with a holder

Made in Japan


Single incense stick length: 7cm

Burn time: 15 to 20 minutes per stick approx.


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Calm, mellow and aromatic. Shirakawa is named after Japan’s snowy white river valley, this fragrance is elegantly blended with fine sandalwood. It gently fills your space with comfort & warmth.


Horin, meaning “fragrant ring”, offers a pleasant and long lasting way to fill your space with a scent of sublime Shoyeido incense. Each blend is inspired by a period or location in Japan’s illustrious history.


Since 1705

Kyoto, Japan

* * *

Since the establishment in 1705, Shoyeido has worked diligently to perfect the art of manufacturing Japanese incense, also known as “Koh”.

They offer a wide variety of Japanese incense for use in many applications, for praying in a religious setting, for special activities such as tea ceremonies, and simply to scent a room for mind and atmosphere.

Shoyeido believes it is not only their responsibility to appreciate and protect the ecological integrity of all natural elements.  Their products are made with the greatest care for quality and preserving the traditions of incense blending that have been passed down from generation to generation with their concept; “life with fragrance”.


Living within Tradition

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