Aizu Oshin Bamboo Basket



Made in Japan (Fukushima)

Approximately 35 x 30 x H20cm


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Lightweight, incredibly durable and easy to use, this is a perfect basket to take shopping for farmer’s market, grocery, vegetables & flowers, but can also be used to hold blankets, towels and other household objects in your home.  


Woven from Negaku bamboo, which is grown in the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture, this type of bamboo is particularly strong, able to withstand the weight of snow in the winter, making an ideal material to produce very supple and durable baskets. The bottom and sides are firmly reinforced so that heavy objects can be carried in it, and the gently curved handle is designed to reduce strain on the arm.


Because it is made from a natural material, the colour or shape may vary slightly from what is shown. There may also be small cracks or markings. These are not considered to be defects, but are rather part of the natural quality of the material and only adds to its beauty and uniqueness. Be sure to avoid storing this item in very dry or very humid areas, as it may cause cracking or mold growth.



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