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Metal Wire Folding Rack – 7 Layers


Iron Metal Wire

Made in Japan

L102cm (extended) x W7.5cm


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Handcrafted with iron wire, the metal has been left uncoated for the elegant and quiet design offering the antique look.

Osamu Saruyama re-worked the design of an old traditional paper fan holder and produced the folding racks for displaying postcards, or CDs.

The racks become extended to their full length when hung on the wall, and can be collapsed tightly for easy storage.

This wire folding rack makes a great display for your favourite cards or photographs in your home.


The racks are available in 3, 5 or 7 layers.


Tokyo, Japan

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Osamu Saruyama is a Japanese designer who focuses on subtlety and imperfection to highlight experience.

He is a multi-talented artist with a passion for design, ceramics, and music. Based in Japan, he runs a gallery shop in Tokyo’s Azabu Juban district and a design studio ‘Guillemets Layout Studio,’ which creates graphics as well as product design.

All of his designs, in metal, clay, or digital, all remain true to a minimal and elegant aesthetic focused on user experience. 



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