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Noda Horo Enamel Container – Deep Rectangle

Brand:Noda Horo



A plastic clear lid included

Made in Japan


  • S: W15.4 x D10.3 H5.7cm / 500mℓ
  • M: W18.3 x D12.5 x H6.2cm / 850mℓ
  • L: W22.8 x D15.5 x H6.8cm / 1.5ℓ
  • *XL: W25.5 x D16 x H12cm / 3.2ℓ


*Clear lids also available for replacement.

*Sealed lids (water-tight lid option) available separately.

*XL is not qualified for free shipping.


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Clean and simple, this is an excellent kitchen tool that assists in preparation, cooking, and preservation. A staple fixture in both home & professional Japanese kitchens, partly due to enamelware’s unique food safety qualities, the Noda Horo enamelware products have proven themselves as a standard bearer in the field of food preparation and storage.

With an easy to clean, long-lasting glass coating that refuses environmental toxin emissions while keeping food fresh and germ-free, these enamel containers are safe for use directly from the fridge into the oven, on a gas stove, or even in the steamer. They remind us that not all kitchen supply need be made from plastic.

Manufacturing beautiful products for over 80 years in Japan, Noda Horo’s enamelware is the signature representation of the brand’s commitment to elegant design, style, food safety, quality, and even-heating efficiency. These containers will inspire you to be more organized, efficient, creative, and inspired in the kitchen.


*If you just want to replace the lids, the clear lids for all styles and sizes are available here.

*For a water-tight lid option, “sealed lids” for deep rectangle containers available here.

  • Microwave: 𝖷
  • Gas stove: ◎
  • Induction Cooktop: 𝖷
  • Oven: ◎ (250℃ – 300℃)
  • Dishwasher: ◎*


*Remove the sealed lid before using dishwasher.  All the plastic lid must be hand washed.)

*The plastic seal lid is for storage only. Do not heat. 


Enamelware is firm and durable but it is not indestructible. 

In order not to risk the enamel finish cracking, please avoid;

  • Do not drop
  • Use a nonabrasive soap and sponge to clean
  • Dry immediately for best results


You might find that the enamel surface is slightly uneven and there are tiny black dots on the back of the hem. This is a sign that it is made by hands. No harm or no problem in using.


Since 1934

Tokyo, Japan

* * *

Manufacturing beautiful products for over 80 years, Noda Horo’s enamelware is the signature representation of the brand’s commitment to elegant design, style, food safety, quality, and even-heating efficiency. Now, the company is famous for its cookware such as food containers, baking dishes or stockers, Noda Horo originally produces not only kitchenware but also physical and chemical acid-resistant enamel products.

Unlike many enamelware companies, Noda Horo handles the entire manufacturing process from the making of the substrate of metal to enamel glass coating finish, all made in Japan.

Enamelware is a material that metal (iron or aluminum) is enameled with glassy glaze in high-temperature. The surface of the enamelware is glassy. Therefore, enamelware avoids the growth of various gems or chemical change. As a kitchenware, enamelware does not change the taste of food. Also, it is hygiene. Enamelware is hard to transfer smell or stain, which makes suitable for store smelly food or strong coloured food.
Glassy glaze is tough against acid or salt. Great item for storing pickles or jam as well. 

They can be brought straight from the fridge onto the gas cooker or into the oven. Since the core material of enamelware is metal, enamelware has high thermal conductivity and can keep temperature.

*Enamelware cannot be used in microwave oven, but you can use it over open fire and in the oven.

Noda Horo’s enamelware is extremely user-friendly and durable. It is also environmentally friendly, you won’t have to worry about it getting stained or greasy in time, unlike metal or plastic. 

Whether it’s a food container, a kettle or a butter warmer, Noda Horo’s enamelware will soon become an essential and indispensable item in your kitchen.  They can be functioned in multiple ways in a classic and minimalist look that is timeless.


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