Nakatsu Hand Broom


Sorghum plant

Made in Japan


L33 x W6.5 x H4cm



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Using all natural materials, this broom is handmade in Nakatsu, Kanagawa Prefecture, a city in Japan famous for its quality broom craftsmanship, and with a history for handing down traditional techniques dating back 150 years.


The raw material comes from the sorghum plant, produced organically with no pesticides and processed by hand. The fibres are carefully prepared one by one in order to utilize the softness of the material. The grass is then knit together with plant-dyed yarn, using natural dyes such as indigo, mountain grape skin, and sorghum seeds.


Excellent for indoors or outdoors. Since the natural material of these brooms does not generate static electricity, it can be used to remove small dusts from jackets &  clothes, or dust the personal computers/ electric appliances as well.


Recommended to hang the broom on the wall when stored and keep it dry.

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