Masashi Ifuji Round Tray – Veg-dyed Black


Maple Wood

Made in Japan


S: ø27 cm x H3cm

L: ø33 cm x H3cm


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Simple and stunning round tray made from maple wood. A perfect piece to serve a tea set from kitchen to a dining table. Also excellent simply as a tray too keep small items such as keys, coins, jewelery, etc. in one place by your coffee table.


Made from maple wood and finished in a matte, deep black. Featuring a hand-painted dyeing method called “Sandozome” (Three Times Black). It uses a unique technique of Japanese traditional black dyeing; originally, the method of dyeing vegetable dyes and mordants alternately three times to dye deep and dark black. In Kyoto, this is the dyeing method used for black Kimono.

The dyeing is repeated three times, so it takes time and effort, and produces a beautiful rich black.


This product can be safely used as a serving tray or dish (food plate) as the wood is dyed with a water resistant dye.

Stains and dirt may remain if used for a long time with a large amount of moisture or oil. Please wipe off the dirt or moisture with a soft cloth. 


Each individual plate will contain its own unique expression, depending on the wood grain or the characteristics taken on from the natural dyeing process. Slight differences in appearance are to be expected.


S: ø27 cm x H3cm

L: ø33 cm x H3cm

As with other wood products, stains may occur if soaked in water or left with watery vegetables for a long time. When washing dishes, wipe off the dirt with a soft sponge or cloth and wash off with running water. Do not use bleach as it may discolor the wood when exposed to the bleaching chemicals.

In addition, please be careful as it may cause cracking and warping if exposed to excessively dry (dehydrated) environment or direct sunlight.


Nagano, Japan

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Craftsman and designer Masashi Ifuji specialises in creating simple but functional wooden objects, utilising traditional techniques and minimal forms.

Based out of Matsumoto, Nagano, Ifuji is best known for his classic oval boxes, made by hand in the same time-honoured method used by the Shaker communities of 18th century colonial America. The simplicity of form and concise design has earned Ifuji high praise and his works have been exhibited in spaces across Japan.


His clean and precise designs allow the user to appreciate the moments of stillness found in daily life; offering a small piece of calm retreat amid our busy existences.

Form and function seamlessly cohabitate, allowing for Ifuji products to become essential objects for everyday living.



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