Linen Kitchen Cloth



Linen 100%

Made In Japan

50 x 50cm


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Available in beautiful colours, this is a dish towel that is made of 100 % linen, beautifully crafted using the traditional Japanese “Kaya” (mosquito net) fabric in the city of Nara.

As linen’s fiber is longer than cotton, it hardly becomes fluffy, and thus, very suitable for clean ups, such as washing & drying dishes, wiping off moisture on any surface areas quickly. Its water-absorbing power is four times that of cotton, and its strength also doubles that of cotton. Also it is excellent in divergence, which means the cloth dries very fast making it always clean and feeling naturally hygienic.

Starting as a dishcloth in the kitchen, or as a body wash cloth in the bath, it will also become an ultimate dust cloth for keeping your home spotless. This durable cloth can easily replace the excess use of paper towels in various cleaning situations, making it environmentally friendly for everyday life.

Before using, please rinse off the starch with hot or cold water. Avoid using chlorine bleach.


Since 1863

Nara, Japan

* * *

Founded in 1863 in Japan, Okaimafu Shouten is the originator of “Nara zarashi” linen textile, which is a high quality fabric that can be pleasantly used in our daily life. In the city of Nara during the Edo period, fabricating this cloth was the main source of industry, with about 90% of Nara city residents involved in some way. 

However, after the Meiji Restoration, demand for this material dropped, forcing many traditional Nara zarashi makers to change or close their businesses.

Okaimafu has remained until today, now producing Nara zarashi linen only on a small scale by traditional craftsmen. They have lasted this long on the belief in the goodness of their linen fabrics and the desire for people to experience it in their daily life at home or work.



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