Kungyokudo Incense Sachet – Otowa Waterfall




4.5cm x 5.5cm

Incense sachet in linen pouch with silk tussel

Made in Japan


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Traditional Japanese incense sachet from Kyoto’s ancient incense maker Kungyokudo. Filled with fragrance derived from Kyoto, this little pouch is made from handwoven hemp and a silk tassel.


Store in closets or letterboxes and enjoy a subtle scent of sweetness. 

Keep one in your bag or inside the car to always travel with a fresh scent of Japan.

* * *

A gentle wash of fresh and invigorating breeze, Otowa Waterfall is a bright sandalwood blend reminiscent of the pure and refreshing flow of river water, like Shimizu’s thousand’s year-old waterfalls.


Since 1594

Kyoto, Japan

* * *

In the third year of Bunroku era (1594), Kungyokudo, a long-established incense company, opened in front of Nishi Honganji temple and they served as an apothecary.
From that time, they have been serving many head temples of each school of Buddhism across Japan.

With more than 420 years history of heritage, Kungyokudo is Japan’s oldest incense supplier which has been making the scent for ceremonies and everyday life of each era.

While keeping the tradition and the unique skills of blending natural fragrances and medicinal plants nurtured over a long period of time, they create gentle scents and experience for the present lifestyle.



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