Kousaido Incense – Bamboo Forest



30 incense sticks in Kiri wood box

Made in Japan


Stick length: 7cm

Burn time: 15 – 17minutes


In stock

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A calming scent inspired by the quietness and freshness of natural bamboo grove. 

Beautifully blended with sandalwood, lily of the valley, cyclamen, bergamot, etc, it delivers a gentle and refreshing scent just like the fresh breeze moving though the deep bamboo path. Recommended to enjoy during the summer days and evenings to add a soothing experience.


The incense sticks come beautifully wrapped in a white paper carefully stored in a kiri (paulownia) wood box that is perfect for storage.


Since 1994

Kyoto, Japan

* * *

Kousaido was founded in 1994, born out of the concept of “colouring your life with incense.”

For all their incense, traditional sandalwood is used as the base. A wide range of scents are layered together with the sandalwood, creating a mellow aroma out of more characteristically sharp scents.

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