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Triangular Wooden Spatula



ginkgo wood

Made in Japan


S: 31 x 4.5cm

M: 31 x 6cm

L: 31 x 7.5cm


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Made from natural ginkgo wood, this spatula has a soft and smooth touch that won’t damage fragile, delicate frying pans or enamel pots. With its thin, straight and beautiful triangular design, it can be widely used for various purposes in the kitchen, making it useful for mixing, stir-frying, or straining. It has a hole at the tip of the spatula that is for a string or hook to be hung for storage.

Each spatula is hand-made one-by-one by a skilled craftsman and so each spatula is a unique piece.



S: Slim and precise. One corner is rounded to make it perfectly fit on a bottom curve of the pot or bowl, adding a satisfying feel to the movement.

M: The most versatile size. Also great as a turner when making omelet.

L: Wide and reliable. Excellent for stir-frying or straining. Also recommended for stirring creamy sauce and soups.

There are many benefits to using ginkgo wood for this product;


Quick Dry:

Ginkgo wood has excellent ability to dry quickly and keep clean.


Excellent antibacterial properties:

Ginkgo also has natural antibacterial activity, which makes it difficult for mold to grow.
Since ancient times, ginkgo leaves have been used for kimono and insect repellent for books as well.


Smell is hard to remain:

Since it contains flavonoids, the odour does not easily remain in this wood. The aroma of wood itself is minimum, so the flavour of the ingredients does not become impaired.


Hard to warp or distort:

The uniform, straight grain of the gingko wood additionally becomes an asset, as it is less likely to warp, distort or crack with use or temperature changes. 


Since 1792

Tokyo, Japan

* * *

Kiya is a company that manufactures hardware such as knives and cutlery in Nihonbashi Muromachi, Tokyo. A long-established store founded in the middle of the Edo period, it is known as “Kiya of cutlery”. Known for their professional kitchen knives, they also handle general hardware such as cutlery, pots & pans, and various scissors for gardening.

The first Kiya store opened in 1573 by an original founder Kyube Hayashi, who served to Toyotomi family as a tradesman of medicine materials in Osaka. Then Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa invited his brother to Edo, and he opened a store in Honcho (Tokyo). The brother’s store was separated from the Osaka one, so he separated a Chinese character of his family name(Hayashi, 林) into two parts(Ki, 木 and 木), then he named his store Kiya (木屋).

This store traded in fancy goods, Japanese ware and candles, and remained open for centuries. Then in 1792, after working his way up through the company, Iisuke Kato received permission to establish a new store with the same name, “Kiya”, with both stores operating next to each other. The new Kiya store traded in cutlery and other merchandise not being sold at the original store and continues to do so to this day. 

In the great picture scroll Kidaisyoran (1805), you can see the Kiya stores as they were at that time, with their original trademark symbol printed on the shop curtain. This trademark is the same one which is still used today, over two hundred years later.


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