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Copper Tamago Frying Pan – Square



Copper / Tin Plating / Wood Handle

Made in Japan


S: 15cm x 15cm (5.9” x 5.9”) / 680mL full

L: 18cm x 18cm (7.1” x 7.1”) / 1000mL full

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The square shape of this pan makes it a perfect vessel for cooking a classic “Tamago-yaki” (Japanese egg omelet) or rolled egg dish. The material is tin-plated copper, which has excellent thermal conductivity. This allows each corner of the pan to warm evenly on low heat, achieving a fluffy and delicious egg omelet while maintaining the flavour and nutrition in the ingredients.

There are two shapes of the Tamago frying pan, square and rectangle. The preference of shape seems to come from the two different types of Tamago-yaki; Kanto (East) style and Kansai (west). Kanto style uses a square shape for a voluminous, thick roll. Kansai prefers a rectangle in order to turn the egg easily for adding multiple layers.


Each of these pans is hand-made by craftsmen, and so the appearance will not be as uniform as one that has been made by machine. However, the finished product is thick and durable for high quality and longevity, which can be felt by the weight in your hand. With use, the copper colour will change and darken, adding a beautiful natural patina. Copper also has excellent antibacterial properties. The more you use it, the better it becomes compatible with oil. The copper Tamago frying pan can also perform great simply as a compact frying pan in your kitchen for cooking small vegetables or even delicious pancakes!


Make sure to take good care of this item and it will last for a long time! (please follow the care instructions) 

*Cannot be used on an induction stove (IH).

S : 15 x 15cm / L32.5 x W5.5 x H13.5cm / 680mL

M : 18 x 18cm / L35 x 18.5 x H15.5cm / 1000mL

How to use:


After each use, wash with warm water with no detergent, then dry well with a clean soft cloth.  Tawashi brushes or Sasara brushes are highly recommended for cleaning copper pots and pans.

*Cannot be used on an induction stove (IH).


  • At the beginning of use, pour in oil to about 70% full and simmer on low heat for about several minutes.
    You can fry vegetable scraps with a generous amount of oil.
  • Throw out the oil and wash with water only (no detergent), and dry with a paper towel.
  • Recommended to use the cooking heat below medium or low heat (200℃ or below).
  • After use every time, wash with warm water with no detergent. Tawashi brushes are highly recommended for cleaning copper pots and pans. Then dry well.
  • Do not to store food in it for long periods of time.
  • Do not use excessive heat (200℃ or higher), as this may cause damage to the tin lining inside.
  • Do not use harsh metal utensils or cleaning tools, as this may also scratch the surface.


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The first Kiya store opened in 1573 by an original founder Kyube Hayashi, who served to Toyotomi family as a tradesman of medicine materials in Osaka. Then Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa invited his brother to Edo, and he opened a store in Honcho (Tokyo). The brother’s store was separated from the Osaka one, so he separated a Chinese character of his family name(Hayashi, 林) into two parts(Ki, 木 and 木), then he named his store Kiya (木屋).

This store traded in fancy goods, Japanese ware and candles, and remained open for centuries. Then in 1792, after working his way up through the company, Iisuke Kato received permission to establish a new store with the same name, “Kiya”, with both stores operating next to each other. The new Kiya store traded in cutlery and other merchandise not being sold at the original store and continues to do so to this day. 

In the great picture scroll Kidaisyoran (1805), you can see the Kiya stores as they were at that time, with their original trademark symbol printed on the shop curtain. This trademark is the same one which is still used today, over two hundred years later.


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