Kazura Net Bag


Kudzu (East Asian arrowroot) fibre

Handmade in Laos


  • S: 22 x 21.5cm
  • M: 36 x 22cm


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A net bag woven from kudzu fiber also known as East Asian arrowroot, appears delicate and airy, but it is firmly knitted. Although fragile in appearance the kudzu fibers are hard to break and are very durable.

Made in a small village in Laos, the whole process from collecting raw materials to making threads which are then crafted into bags, is all done by hand. The natural color of the kudzu fiber and the simple delicate stitches adds to its beautiful quality. 


Due to its resilient quality, the Kazura Net Bag can be used daily for running errands and groceries. As well as an ideal item for going out in the spring and summer.



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