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Nambu Tekki Iron Kettle



Nambu Tekki Cast Iron

Made in Japan


⌀ 18cm / 7.1” (without spout / bottom 15cm) × H13.5cm / 5.3” (without handle) / 1.6L

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Hand-crafted iron kettle made using old techniques that have stood the test of time. This kettle is made for boiling water and nothing else. Water boiled in this kettle has a pleasantly mellow taste, different from that of a metal or ceramic kettle. The inner surface releases the beneficial trace mineral iron that is easily absorbed by our body.

With excellent heat retention, this iron kettle is safe to use on all heat sources, even IH stovetops. Be careful when handling, as the handle, which does not fold down, will become quite hot. To prevent rust from occurring, this iron kettle has been finished with an ancient “baking” technique, which involves baking it at a high temperature to seal it from rust.

This kettle is best for boiling water only, avoid using to brew tea as the tannins accumulate on the inside wall and may impact the taste of the tea or water. With proper care, your iron kettle can be used and enjoyed for hundreds of years!


After use;

1: pour out the remaining hot water.

2: Let the kettle dry thoroughly from the residual heat, or heat it on the stove to let any moisture evaporate completely. 

3: Do not touch or scrub the interior surface nor use any soap or detergent as it may damage the surface.


Since 2006, Japan

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“Babaghuri” is the name of agate collected in the Gujarat region of India.

It is a brand that started by German fashion and textile designer Jurgen Lehl who had a deep passion for nature.  Since 2006, Babaghuri has been incorporating craftsmanship as an extension of Jurgen Lehl’s lifestyle that strived to provide what he wore, ate, and everything he needed to live in harmony without destroying nature and follow the path back to nature.

Babaghuri uses natural and sustainable materials like bamboo and hand-spun cotton to lessen the impact the brand has on the environment. Even after Jurgen Lehl’s death in 2014, the company continues to operate with his emphasis on the beauty and uniqueness that can only be found in hand-crafted products. In addition to clothes, Babaghuri also produces tea cultivated in Okinawa, additive-free soap, and small items such as baskets, towels, and tableware. Natural cotton is hand-spun, hand-woven and dyed with plants and vegetation, all of which emphasizes the evidence of handicrafts.


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